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Check Processing & Payments Information

Check Verification, Check Guarantee, ACH: Payment Processing Solutions

Why Checks can be a Veterinarian's Secret Weapon Against Credit Card Fees

Avoid Credit Card Fees with These 3 Solutions

Construction to Slow in 2024 - Building Materials Vendors Should Lean on Check Guarantee

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Check Guarantee and Financial Protection for Auto Dealers

Protect Against Stop-Payment on Checks with Check Guarantee

Check Guarantee – Making Sure you get Paid!

Multiple Check with Guarantee: A Compassionate and Practical Solution for Unexpected Expenses

Auto Glass Industry Payment Solutions

Auto dealers: Use Checks to Avoid Credit Card Surcharges

Fast Check Deposit

Why Businesses Need Check Guarantee Services

Mobile Check Deposit

Unlocking Repeat Business: The Power of ACH Payments

Check Guarantee: We Guarantee Declined Checks

Verify and Guarantee a Check Instantly

ACH with Guarantee for Veterinarians

Tips to Avoid Check Fraud and Accepting Bad Checks

Are paper checks dead — fact or fiction?

ACH Pay-by-Link with Guarantee

Check Verification vs. Check Guarantee

Mobile Check Verification

CrossCheck Mobile Pay with Check Guarantee

Mobile Pay - Accept Checks Anywhere

Recreational Boating Powers into Bright 2022, and Beyond

Auto Repair Shops Need for Secure Check Transactions

Check Guarantee Helps Orthodontists Treat Patients and Secure Payment

Combat Inflation and Complete the Sale with Multiple Check

Heating Oil Suppliers – Secure Payment with CrossCheck

Pet Dental Care is Crucial for Overall Pet Health

Transmission Repair Boosted by AWD Revolution

Pandemic Pet Ownership to Boost Retailers and Pet Service Providers

Rising Funeral Costs Require More Payment Methods

‘Green’ Flooring Options Certain to Grow Industry Further

Window Installers Ready For Big Year, CrossCheck Guarantees Payment

How Opticians Can Help With Patients’ Payment Problems

How Vet Clinics Can Secure Payment from Pet Parents Without Insurance

Heavy Equipment Sellers Can Expect a Strong 2022

Selling Points for Garage Door Installers to Maximize Profit

Plumbers’ Expanding Responsibilities Create New Opportunities

Auto Repair to Benefit as Consumers are Priced Out of New-Car Market

Fed Reports Credit Card Approval Dramatically Down From Pre-Pandemic

Closing Furniture Deals During End-of-Year Sales

How Check on Delivery Can Streamline Construction Pay at Each Step

Ensuring Payment on Shrinking Motorcycle Margins with Check Guarantee

Best Way to Accept Payment in a Dental Practice

Average New Car Price Increases to $45K and Used Car Rises Above $25K

CrossCheck's New Website is Live!

How to Build Passive Income With Check Services as an ISO

What Veterinarians Need to Know About Stop Payment Checks

Understanding the Best Finance Options for Dental Offices

What I Wish You Knew About Services That Protect Against Bad Checks

The Truth About How You Can Speed up a Check Deposit

How Long Does It Take to Process a Check?

How to Recover an NSF Check?

How to Accept Check Payments as a Business

The Best Ways to Accept Payments in 2021

Six Ways to Position for Success in a Post-COVID Environment

What is Free Online Check Verification?

The Top 5 Reasons for Working at CrossCheck

Record High Lumber Prices Affect Building Supply Dealers

CrossCheck Helps Reduce the Risk of Accepting Checks

Virtual Auto Dealer Options

The History of Check Fraud

Check Verification or Check Guarantee: What’s the Difference?

Checks Are Going Away … or Are They?

The Top Check Guarantee Companies

How Can Check Verification & Check Guarantee Help Merchants?

Is This a Good Check?

Auto Dealerships Sell More Vehicles by Promoting Positive Emotions

Payment Solutions for Building Materials Dealers and Contractors

Common Denominators: Formula One Auto Racing and CrossCheck

Can Artificial Intelligence Help Auto Dealerships Increase Revenue?

Guaranteed Payments for Delivered Building Materials

How Auto Dealerships Can Increase Profits in the F&I Department

Changes in the Used Car Market to Benefit Auto Dealers

How Can Auto Dealerships Help Consumers with Down Payments?

2020 Winter Las Vegas Market Invites Furniture Professionals

Will the New California Consumer Privacy Act Affect Your Business?

Merchants Using CrossCheck Services Help Consumers Avoid Debt Traps

NRF Predicts Favorable Increase to 2019 Holiday Sales

What Auto Dealerships Say About Electric Cars

Check Machines

Top Veterinary Practice Management Software

Why Checks Are Still Relevant to ISOs

CrossCheck’s Charles Dortch III Attending Auto Finance Summit 2019

When to Buy Auto Parts for Modern Cars

The Videos of CrossCheck

Check Processing Made Profitable

How Auto Dealerships Increase Sales at Three-day Weekend Events

Brandes Elitch: Auto Industry Payments Expert

How the Glut of Off-lease Vehicles Affecting Dealerships

Where to Buy Auto Parts for Modern Cars

6 Ways Contractors Can Save Money on Buying Building Materials

Why Is Fixed Ops Important to a New Car Franchise?

The Shortage of Car Mechanics Can Affect Dealership Revenue

CrossCheck’s Lifetime Residuals for ISOs Can Change Your Life

Furniture Trends for Summer LVM 2019

Merchants Generate More Revenue with CrossCheck’s Plus Sales

Best Practices: How CrossCheck Mitigates Auto Dealership Risk

How Can Merchants Prevent Loss from Stop Payment Orders?

Do Merchants Need to Accept Facebook’s New Libra Cryptocurrency?

2019 MWAA Conference Beckons the Acquiring Industry

Are you a merchant with a returned check problem?

Profile of a Bad Check Writer

Furniture Stores Can Increase Sales by Making Houses into Homes

Home Furnishings Dealers Network and Learn at Summer LVM 2019

Automotive Study Addresses Dealership Staffing Challenges

Electronic Payments from Start to Fintech at TRANSACT 2019: pt 4

Electronic Payments from Start to Fintech at TRANSACT 2019: pt 3

Check Payment Processing

Check Verification Machines

Instant Check Verification

Summer Las Vegas Market 2019 Welcomes Home Furnishings Dealers

Check Guarantee Services

Check Guarantee Companies

PAYMENTS 2019: NACHA’S Mega Event for Payments Professionals

CrossCheck Honors Merchants for National Small Business Week 2019

The Benefits of Using Auto Dealer Management Systems Pt 2

Electronic Payments from Start to Fintech at TRANSACT 2019: pt 2

What Is the Future of Automotive Retailing for New Car Dealers?

Furniture Retailers Prepare for Furniture First Symposium 2019

Check Verification Services

The Benefits of Using an Auto Dealer Management Systems Pt 1

Check Processing Machines

Merchant Cash Discounting, Surcharging and Convenience Fees

How to Succeed in Running Small Businesses

Driving Old Cars Helps Auto Repair Centers Turn a Profit

Electronic Payments from Start to Fintech at TRANSACT 2019: Pt 1

How to Speed Up the Sales Process at Auto Dealerships: Pt 2

Generating Bank Revenue with Merchant Referral Programs

AACD 2019 Advances the Field of Cosmetic Dentistry

How to Speed Up the Sales Process at Auto Dealerships: Pt 1

A Diagnostic of the Auto Service Technician Shortage

Build Expo Frames the Building Supply and Construction Industries

CrossCheck Hosts Company Update & Employee Recognition Awards

CrossCheck Launches Contest Program to Reward Its Salespeople

2019 Winter Las Vegas Market: A Paradise

2019 Tech Changes at Private Medical Practices

Why Do We Still Use Checks?

CrossCheck Endorsement by Kevin Massie of Napa Ford Lincoln

CrossCheck at Auto Dealers Management Luncheon

Veterinarians Flock to the 2019 Veterinary Innovation Summit

Winter Boat Workshops at Boating Dealerships

Discover the Latest Trends in Home Furnishings at Winter LVM 2019

Six Top Key Performance Indicators at New Car Dealerships

NRF’s Fall 2018 Report Reveals Increase in Value Shopping

CrossCheck’s Plus Sales: The ‘Buck Stops’ in Check Guarantee

The Best Way to Help Customers Pay for the Cost of Auto Repairs

What is the Most Common Form of Payment?

LVM Networking and Education Events for Home Furnishings Dealers

Do Car Dealerships Prefer Checks Over Credit Cards?

How Do I Guarantee the Payment of Delivered Building Supplies?

2019 Las Vegas Winter Market for the Home Furnishings Industry

Auto Subscription Services Will Change the Way People Buy Cars

The Rising Cost of Auto Insurance & How Dealers Can Help

Annual Meeting & Conference for Veterinary Hospital Managers

2018 International Convention & Expo for Funeral Directors

The Worst and Best Practices for a Used Car Dealer

The Emotional Experience of Buying a Car

Five Trends in the 2018 Building Materials Industry: Pt 2

Reasons People Stop Payment on Checks

Five Trends in the 2018 Building Materials Industry: Pt 1

Help, I Need a New Check Guarantee Service

Home Furnishings Highlights at Summer LVM 2018

CrossCheck’s Multiple Check Is Better Than Instant Financing

HFA INSIGHTS 2018: The Consumer Experience in Home Furnishings

Veterinary Industry Trends in 2018 and Beyond

CrossCheck's Brandes Elitch Publishes Book on the Lancia Loraymo

Self-Driving Cars: How Soon, How Safe?

Home Furnishings Dealers: Increase Sales with Ultra Violet Décor

All the FAQs: Home Furnishings Products at Summer LVM

AVMA Presents Comprehensive Veterinary Education at Convention

How Do Old Cars Become Classic Cars & How Are They Repaired?

The Affordable Food Truck: How to Sell and Repair Vehicles

When is the best time to buy a car? Keep this in mind.

Father's Day Promotional Ideas for Home Improvement Stores

LVM Presents New Resources for Home Furnishings Dealers

Five Tools to Increase Sales at an Auto Parts Store

Women Powered WIA Conference Inspires Auto Dealers

Must-Stock Accessories for Boating Dealers in 2018

NAHB Helps Construction Companies Increase Sales

Furniture First Symposium: Innovation for Furniture Dealers

Highlights from 2018 National Small Business Week

Coverings 2018 for Tile and Stone Dealers and Installers: Pt 2

The Local Auto Body Shop of the Future

Coverings 2018 for Tile and Stone Dealers and Installers: Pt 1

PAYMENTS 2018: the 2nd Installment for Payments Professionals

Market Changes Impact the Cost of Used Cars

Solutions to Increase Parts Sales at Auto Dealerships: Pt 2

Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association

Solutions to Increase Parts Sales at Auto Dealerships: Pt 1

VHMA: Education, Certification and Inspiration for Veterinarians

Auto Aftermarket Sci-Fi Movie Car Costs and The Hoff

Car Collectors: Why People Buy Old Cars

PAYMENTS 2018: Installment One for Payments Professionals

Equity Mining Tools for Auto Dealerships

UID Distributes Education to Building Materials Professionals

Companion Animal Car Safety: Tips for Veterinary Offices