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Enjoy Lifetime Residuals with CrossCheck’s Resellers Program

Why Partner with CrossCheck?

Independent sales organizations (ISOs) and other members of the acquiring industry have unlimited opportunities to earn lifetime residuals and other benefits with CrossCheck’s resellers program. CrossCheck’s check guarantee services are an excellent add-on to reselling card processing services.

As a large privately held check guarantee company, Crosscheck offers a variety of merchant payment services and support that enable ISOs to focus on selling and maximizing revenue.

In most cases, resellers can simply refer leads to CrossCheck’s Partner & ISO Relations team to close the deal while earning the same lifetime residuals as if they had closed it themselves.

In addition to lifetime residuals, resellers also benefit from:

  • No geographical or territorial restrictions within the United States
  • Comprehensive training and support by our sales support team
  • Assistance with pricing, proposals and sales materials at no additional charge

Why Sell Check Processing Services?

Resellers experience greater longevity with merchant accounts when check processing is bundled with card services. Also, checks continue to be the preferred method of conducting B2B payments and large consumer purchases as corroborated by sources such as:

“Sixty-four percent of B2B payments are still made with checks.” — a webinar by

“Consumers tend to use cash and cards for lower-value transactions, and electronic payments and checks for higher-value transactions.” — a report by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Why Do Merchants Choose CrossCheck?

Many longstanding merchant customers appreciate the benefits of CrossCheck’s check guarantee solutions:

  • One of the highest approval rates in the industry
  • Loaner equipment is available at no additional cost
  • 24/7/365 Customer Service and Tech Support
  • Innovative premium services

CrossCheck serves verticals such as retail automotive, auto aftermarket, building supply, medical/dental/veterinary offices, and home furnishings with check guarantee services and innovative premiums including Remote Deposit Capture, the C.A.R.S. auto program, and Multiple Check (a future deposit function).

Finding reasons to approve checks versus decline them is what CrossCheck does best.

Revenue Sharing Programs

CrossCheck also offers revenue-sharing programs that allow partners to private-label services, set pricing, and create programs to align with their sales and marketing goals.

With these customizations, resellers may choose the specific services they would like to offer. Profits and costs are shared on signed accounts, giving partners the needed control to operate their own check processing service and create programs that align with the services and sales teams already in place. 

“I have been a CrossCheck representative since 1992 and been receiving residual checks for 27 years. ... I am now retired and those checks come in handy. ... If you want a dependable company to work with, add CrossCheck to your company.”

Bob Myatt

CrossCheck Reseller


Close the Deal with CrossCheck

Since 1983, CrossCheck has been committed to excellence in its services and sales programs. Our resellers program sets the standard for generous compensation plans, upfront commissions and ongoing residuals.

Get started today with check processing services that help merchants increase sales and mitigate risk while saving time and money.

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  • Lifetime residuals
  • No geographical or territorial restrictions within the U.S.
  • Assistance with pricing, proposals and sales materials at no additional charge

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