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How Opticians Can Help With Patients’ Payment Problems

Posted by Patrik Jorgensen | Mon, Jan 10, 2022 @ 09:30 AM

iStock-1140521075Seven-year-old Ralph (or Ralphie, as his friends call him) comes into your office. You’re his optometrist and you’ve just fitted him for his first pair of glasses. Ralphie has struggled in school because of headaches and vision problems, which in some cases have even resulted in behavioral problems because he feels unsure whenever he is asked to read something off the board at the front of the classroom.

iStock-626701198After Ralphie’s glasses are ready, his dad gives you a check. You’re wary of accepting personal checks because you’ve had some returned in the past. You’re especially cautious with patients you don’t know, and Ralphie is a new patient. However, you also know – as science has borne out – that the simple addition of proper eye glasses can correct any number of problems for struggling kids, including headaches and even behavioral problems.

The importance of improved eye sight

According to numerous studies, vision problems can be misdiagnosed as ADHD because of an inability to focus. Conversely, a correct ADHD diagnosis may still be related to – or at least in confluence with – vision problems, most specifically convergence insufficiency, which is essentially a reduced ability of the eyes to focus.

iStock-930865002Eyeglasses are expensive and if you’re an optometrist or optician, the idea of accepting a personal check may seem like a risky proposition. On the one hand, you want to help a young patient whose new glasses may significantly improve his life. On the other hand, you also need to get paid for services rendered and goods provided. CrossCheck has services that will help you do both.

How CrossCheck can help

In Ralphie’s case, your only remaining concern is that his father Ben – who by all accounts is a loving and doting father – has asked on a couple of occasions: “how much is this going to cost?” Your dilemma compounds when he hands you a check at the end of the visit.

CrossCheck’s MED-RDC service can help you accept Ben’s check with confidence. The service also offers the convenience of scanning the check to produce a digital image so you don't have to actually go to the bank. The MED-RDC also includes Multiple Check, which would allow Ben to write more than one check, to be deposited at agreed-upon intervals, giving him additional time without interest.

As Ralphie and Ben leave your office – hand-in-hand – you can feel confident knowing that your job is done. Ralphie has his new glasses. He looks in amazement at the tree across the street.

“Look dad,” he says. “It never looked like the trees had leaves before.”

Ben smiles as he clutches Ralphie’s hand a little tighter. He is grateful that you had CrossCheck’s Multiple Check premium as it allowed him to pay for Ralphie’s glasses without worrying about a check bouncing or having to suffer high interest rates on a credit card for months to come.

iStock-1316584899CrossCheck’s MED-RDC is an all-in-one payment solution designed for medical offices, including optometrists and opticians. The program includes the electronic processing of checks, with CrossCheck’s Check Guarantee, as well as the Multiple Check feature.

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Written by Patrik Jorgensen