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Top Veterinary Practice Management Software

Posted by John Baily | Thu, Oct 31, 2019 @ 03:04 PM

withveterinary clinic bldgTo many people, pets are seen as part of the family, so it's crucial for veterinarians to have the right kind of software to use in the treatment of these family members. Veterinary practice management software is generally the tool of choice today. In a large practice with hundreds of clients, it would be tough to effectively manage all of the patients without the help of first-class software packages.

Veterinary software is composed of a suite of applications and programs used by animal hospitals and veterinary clinics to effectively manage the treatment of their patients. Suites can include solutions for managing patient intake and discharge, accounting and payment processing, records management, dispensary, workflow, client communication and much more. The seamless integration of all aspects of a veterinary practice allows for a streamlined process and access to information across multiple locations.

For example, the veterinary practice management software allows vets to keep track of each patient's medical record electronically, which makes it easier to share with other vets when families move or second opinions or consults are needed.

Easy Integration

veterinarian and catIn a "people hospital," the software used for diagnostics and assisting doctors in the operating rooms automatically checks for abnormalities or things that might be contraindicated for the patient. These software programs are easily integrated because of a well-thought-out design. Good veterinary software can do the same. If both programs don’t integrate, then it could lead to a disaster.

The same principle of integration holds true when it comes to lab work. It is a huge plus to be able to upload lab results directly to the management software so each patient's file is updated immediately. In many cases with serious veterinary diseases, such as feline leukemia or parvo, time is of the essence.

Finding Lost Pets

Patient tracking is a core function of any good veterinary practice management software. Embedded microchips  make it easy to keep track of pets with the help of GPS tracking software. Should a pet become lost, even while on vacation, a practice would be able to share microchip information immediately with the right kind of software. That will make it more likely for owners to be reunited with their beloved pets.

Remote Consultations

Perhaps the greatest contribution veterinary practice management software can make is its telemedicine capability. For pet owners who live far from the nearest clinic, having someone who can advise "just on the other side of a screen" can make the difference between life and death for a patient. The same applies if a remote vet needs immediate assistance from a more experienced veterinarian. Video conferencing software allows video connection on both ends and gives both vets access to all the necessary patient information in real-time.

veterinary surgery

Running a Practice

When it comes to the day-to-day operations of the veterinary clinic, it's essential to know how much of each medicine is in stock, how many supplies for surgery are on hand, and all of the other things that are a nightmare to keep track of by hand. The right kind of software tracks everything instantly because the clinic’s staff only have to scan items in rather than enter the data by hand.

Pet owners who live far away from the practice also benefit from veterinary practice management software. If a pet needs medication on an ongoing basis, it may not be feasible for the owner to get to the clinic often enough. In these instances, having the right software makes it easy for the vet to contact the distributor of the medication and have it shipped directly to the pet owner. That convenience is good for the pet, the owner, and the practice.

Keeping Track of the Patient Base

veterinarian tech and dogNot having reliable appointment scheduling software can lead to double bookings, empty spaces in the appointment schedule, or even erroneous cancellations, all of which would decrease the treatment experience. Vet clinics want to stand out so that they attract a bigger "slice of the client pie." There is no room for poor client experience.

With the help of veterinary practice management software, offices can keep track of all appointments, generate reminder emails, and make sure the schedule is a veritable "well-oiled machine." Attention to detail is just as important as care and compassion.

Veterinary practice management software is a key part of having a successful veterinary practice. It helps vets manage the business end of the practice while also allowing them to provide better care for patients and more peace of mind for pet parents.

Managing Financials

The practice also needs to plan for its future. High-quality veterinary practice management software that is easy to integrate will let vets monitor quarterly reports, cash flow, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and all of the other aspects of running a business. This kind of software integration also lightens the load at tax time. All of the reports are "just a click away" and can be sent to the practice's accountant as soon as they're available.

Electronic Medical Records

Efficient veterinary practice management software is also important for the routine operational tasks of running a vet clinic. With all of the current information from each patient, it's easy to communicate changes to patients' primary caregivers. The software even lets vets click appropriate boxes to register future treatments and other services a pet parent wants. It's also easy to give a pet owner a quote for treatment in just a few seconds. Finally, using near-field communication, a pet parent could pay for the treatment and services at the time of treatment, safely and securely.

How CrossCheck Can Assist with Accounts Receivable

vet and yellow labCrossCheck provides payment solutions that complement the accounts receivable components of veterinary practice management software.

CrossCheck’s VET-RDC package (Veterinary Remote Deposit Capture) enables vet offices to (1) automate the deposit of guaranteed client checks; and (2) simply process and deposit insurance payments since they don’t need the “guarantee factor.”

The package also includes Stop Payment Protection and a future deposit function (called Multiple Check) so pet parents can pay for care over a set period (usually 30 days) without any form of credit or credit app.

CrossCheck assumes all of the risks. Download our free guide to learn how VET-RDC can help practices increase sales and reduce risk while saving time and money.

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Written by John Baily

John Bailey is an industry expert within the veterinary landscape. He works at Chetu Inc., Plantation, Fla., a custom software development provider and thought-leader within the IT community. He offers commentary on changing tides within the healthcare industry including veterinary software, EHRs and telehealth.