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Protect Against Stop-Payment on Checks with Check Guarantee

on Thu, Oct 26, 2023 @ 08:46 AM By | Patrik Jorgensen | 1 Comment | Stop Payment Protection Check Guarantee
It's an unfortunate reality that not every customer who writes you a check will follow through on their payment. A stop-payment on checks can be issued for a multitude of reasons, such as lost or stolen checks or checkbooks, checks mailed to wrong addresses or made out for incorrect amounts. Disputes over purchases such as defective merchandise or poorly written service agreements could also derail a check payment. Dealing with stop-payment orders can be a costly and time-consuming process. The prospect of legal battles, lost revenue, and administrative headaches can be daunting. CrossCheck's Check Guarantee service will protect your business and ensure you get paid even if a customer decides to issue a stop-payment on a check.
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How Vet Clinics Can Secure Payment from Pet Parents Without Insurance

on Thu, Jan 06, 2022 @ 10:02 AM By | Patrik Jorgensen | 0 Comments | Veterinarians Stop Payment Protection Check Guarantee Multiple Check
Four-legged furballs can brighten anyone’s day and our pets are generally considered family members just as they consider us part of their packs. Covid has only heightened both this need for unrivaled affection…and the cost that can accompany such a relationship. Although pet parenthood has increased significantly during the Covid pandemic as people have decided to adopt cats and dogs for extra companionship, pet insurance – whether it be accident-and-illness coverage or accident-only – has not quite kept pace.
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Auto Repair to Benefit as Consumers are Priced Out of New-Car Market

There are several factors to suggest prices for both new and used cars will continue to rise well into 2022 from the record levels already reached this year. At an average in 2021 of $45,000 for new cars and $25,000 for used cars - and rising - many consumers will likely find it either unpalatable or even impossible to buy a new car. That is great news for auto repair shops. CrossCheck can help seal the deal with sensible payment options as cash-strapped consumers will be increasingly likely to pay for repairs, rather than throw their older cars on the scrap heap.
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What Veterinarians Need to Know About Stop Payment Checks

on Thu, Jul 29, 2021 @ 10:00 AM By | Rudy Campos | 0 Comments | Veterinarians CrossCheck Stop Payment Protection
Whether the patient walks, gallops, flies, or leaps its way into the office, veterinarians care for a wide range of their customer’s beloved companions. Despite the best efforts of the vet and his/her staff, the result of animal care isn’t always what everyone had hoped for. The price of treatment can be a surprise when it comes to serious conditions and emergency pet care. If you add an unfavorable outcome, it could lead to payment disputes. Written checks are a widely accepted payment method by veterinarians. Customers can issue a stop payment on their check when a misunderstanding or dispute arises. Stop payments are difficult to collect especially if the consumer is unhappy about the result of their animal's care. Luckily, there are services available to protect your pet clinic from the pitfalls of stop-payment checks. Read below the break to learn more about the impact of stop payments and the services available to protect your veterinary practice.
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How Can Merchants Prevent Loss from Stop Payment Orders?

on Wed, Jul 03, 2019 @ 10:45 AM By | Brandes Elitch | 1 Comment | Brandes Elitch Stop Payment Protection
If you are a merchant, there cannot be too many things that are more aggravating than getting a notice from your bank that you are not going to get paid because a customer put a stop payment on a check written to you. Your first reaction would probably be surprise, then disappointment, and then anger. “How could they do this to me? … I gave them a good product at a good price and I provided good customer service too.” As detailed below, there are legitimate reasons for requesting stop payments. On the other hand, writing a check and then stopping payment to avoid getting charged can be considered check fraud, which is a crime actionable at law. Before we get into all that, let’s look at how a merchant-customer relationship is supposed to work.
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Reasons People Stop Payment on Checks

on Tue, Sep 18, 2018 @ 07:44 AM By | Joe Gargiulo | 0 Comments | Stop Payment Protection
Buena Vista Auto Works repairs a customer's vehicle, accepts a check payment for the services, and sends the happy motorist on his way. All is well until the next morning when the driver discovers that he wrote the check for $4,000 instead of $400, the correct amount. In this instance, most people would simply ask the shop to destroy the original check and write an amended check for $400. Unfortunately, the customer decides to initiate a stop payment on the $4,000 check at his bank instead of contacting the shop for a resolution. The bank charges him a $35 stop-payment fee and the shop now possesses a check with no apparent value. What recourse does the shop have?
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Increase Sales by Solving the ‘Who Done It’ of Stop Payments

on Thu, Jun 16, 2016 @ 04:00 PM By | Joe Gargiulo | 0 Comments | Stop Payment Protection
Americans love heist movies and the media loves to write about them. Conduct an online search, and one will find over 25 pages of links to all-time lists from a diverse group of orgs including, Hollywood Reporter or The Wall Street Journal where the irony of a conservative financial publication covering films about corporate espionage does not get lost on even the most casual observer. On February 4, 2016, a cyber-heist of galactic proportions struck the international banking system, and there is every reason to believe a Hollywood interpretation will appear on the big screen as soon as the legal dust settles.
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3 Businesses Flourishing with Stop Payment Protection

on Thu, Jun 07, 2012 @ 10:00 AM By | Brandon Weaver | 0 Comments | Veterinarians Building Materials Auto Repair Stop Payment Protection
As much as companies wish to provide a great product or service all the time; payment disputes still occur sometimes. These can be due to customer and merchant disagreements over work quality, an overall bad experience or a misunderstanding by one or the other party. In any case, these are almost always uncomfortable situations and unpleasant for the merchant to settle. Even so, when they happen, having a stop payment service in place gives businesses protection and reimbursement should the customer halt the payment for services rendered.
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