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Ensuring Payment on Shrinking Motorcycle Margins with Check Guarantee

All motorcycle manufacturers have been rejoicing as sales increased dramatically during the first half of this year, following an almost disastrous 2020. For instance, Italian manufacturer Ducati posted a 33% increase for Q1, while Harley-Davidson notched a 24% uptick for Q2.
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Best Way to Accept Payment in a Dental Practice

on Wed, Dec 01, 2021 @ 08:37 AM By | Patrik Jorgensen | 0 Comments | Dentists CrossCheck Multiple Check
A patient shows up at the dentist’s office in excruciating pain, needing an emergency root canal and eventual crown, both costly procedures often only covered at 60 percent by insurance providers. As a healthcare provider, the dentist sees the patient while the front office begins to crunch the numbers and tries to get confirmation from the insurance provider.
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Average New Car Price Increases to $45,000 and Used Car Price Rises Above $25,000

on Thu, Nov 11, 2021 @ 10:00 AM By | Rudy Campos | 0 Comments |
Average New Car Price Increases to $45,000 and Used Car Price Rises Above $25,000 It’s no secret that new and used car prices are on the rise. We've all heard the reports of used cars selling for higher than asking, but what about new cars? While used car prices are at record highs, some consumers may still be in the market for new vehicles. Recent reports from Kelly Blue Book have stated that the average price for new cars has risen to record highs of $45,000 and the average price of used car sales has risen above $25,000. 
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CrossCheck's New Website is Live!

on Wed, Oct 27, 2021 @ 10:30 AM By | Rudy Campos | 1 Comment | CrossCheck
After months of hard work, the collaboration between many departments, and drinking copious amounts of coffee — CrossCheck, Inc. is proud to introduce the newly designed website! Launching a new website is an exciting moment for any company, but it's more than updated graphics and newly designed widgets. We wanted to make sure that returning users would experience the same functionality they've become accustomed to and new/returning visitors would have an easier time navigating the site. A few of the most significant changes we made were to the home page, the ISO & Resellers Portal, and the services/industries pages. We've updated these pages to be easier to navigate and we've consolidated the content.  We've also added the CrossCheck Mobile Pay page to our website. CrossCheck Mobile Pay is an application that allows merchants to process/guarantee checks from anywhere with a smart device. 
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How to Build Passive Income With Check Services as an ISO

on Mon, Aug 23, 2021 @ 10:00 AM By | Rudy Campos | 2 Comments | Independent Sales Organization (ISO)
When it comes to finding modern ways to build passive income, using paper checks to create a new revenue stream might seem like a far-fetched idea. However, as an Independent Sales Organization (ISO) you can build a lifetime of residuals by connecting merchants with check services. For every lead you drive towards the company you're partnered with, you can receive a percentage of residual income for every closed sale. Income from a closed sale is paid for the lifetime of the account. You can depend on payments from established companies like CrossCheck, Inc. that haven’t missed a single payment to an ISO since its inception in 1983.
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What Veterinarians Need to Know About Stop Payment Checks

on Thu, Jul 29, 2021 @ 10:00 AM By | Rudy Campos | 0 Comments | Veterinarians CrossCheck Stop Payment Protection
Whether the patient walks, gallops, flies, or leaps its way into the office, veterinarians care for a wide range of their customer’s beloved companions. Despite the best efforts of the vet and his/her staff, the result of animal care isn’t always what everyone had hoped for. When it comes to serious conditions and emergency pet care the price of treatment can be a surprise. If you add an unfavorable outcome, it could lead to payment disputes. Written checks are a widely accepted payment method by veterinarians. When a misunderstanding or dispute arises, customers can issue a stop payment on their check. Stop payments are difficult to collect on especially if the consumer is unhappy about the result of their animal's care. Luckily, there are services available to protect your pet clinic from the pitfalls of stop payment checks. Read below the break to learn more about the impact of stop payments and the services available to protect your veterinary practice.
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Understanding the Best Finance Options for Dental Offices

on Thu, Jul 22, 2021 @ 11:15 AM By | Rudy Campos | 0 Comments | Dentists Multiple Check
For dentists, improving a patient’s oral health and watching them leave with a bright smile are indicators of success. Depending on the level of work involved those bright smiles can come with significant price tags. While big-ticket dental procedures are good for business, coming up with funding can be a challenge for your patients. To keep the success of your office booming, you will want to provide the right financial options for your patients and understand the best finance options available for dental offices. One of the best options available allows your patients with steady employment to pay those bigger bills over a specific period using multiple checks. When combined with check guarantee services this creates a win-win scenario for you and your patients. 
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What I Wish Everyone Knew About Services That Protect Against Bad Checks

on Fri, Jul 16, 2021 @ 11:45 AM By | Rudy Campos | 0 Comments | Check Verification
Before I entered the business world, accepting a paper check seemed simple. I made sure the value written on the check was correct, endorsed the back and it was done … right? Check transactions change when you’re a merchant. Whether it be receiving invoice payments or accepting checks at the point of sale, you have to consider more than just the written value and a signature. An important aspect to consider is mitigating the risk of accepting bad checks. As a self-proclaimed "finance geek" I can confidently say I know a thing or two about the payment solutions available to business owners, especially those designed to mitigate risk. Luckily, I’m here to tell you about how to look for common warning signs on your own and the services available to verify your checks.
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The Truth About How You Can Speed up a Check Deposit

on Thu, Jul 08, 2021 @ 10:00 AM By | Rudy Campos | 0 Comments | Electronic Check Processing
Benjamin Franklin coined the term, “Time is money” in his essay ("Advice to a Young Tradesman"), written in 1748. Saving time to increase sales and revenue was true in the 1700s and is still true today. One of the best ways to save time and money is to deposit your check payments faster. Depositing paper checks can be time-consuming when done manually, it takes time to annotate the books, record the transaction and take the checks to the bank. During each of those steps, you are burning valuable time and losing potential revenue. So, what’s the truth about how you can speed up a check deposit? Processing your checks electronically is the answer! Electronic Check Processing software is designed for businesses to quickly accept and receive guaranteed funding at the point of sale.CrossCheck makes it easy to get started, with available 24/7/365 customer service and loaner equipment at no extra charge.
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How Long Does It Take to Process a Check?

on Thu, Jul 01, 2021 @ 10:00 AM By | Rudy Campos | 0 Comments | Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)
Accepting a check as payment can be a common transaction for business owners. Whether it be part of accepting invoice payments or processing checks at the point of sale. There are many things to consider once a check enters the clearing process after the initial transaction is complete, most of all — “How long does it take to process a check?” When answering the question of how long it takes to process a check, there are a few more questions to consider, such as: Are the deposited funds available right away? Do online deposits post faster? Is it still possible for checks to be returned from the bank after they’ve been accepted? In this article, we’ll address these questions and simultaneously detail the ways you can speed up the deposit process.
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