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Rising Funeral Costs Require More Payment Methods

Posted by Patrik Jorgensen | Fri, Jan 28, 2022 @ 02:22 PM

iStock-1320130596There has to be an innate sensitivity involved with owning and running a funeral home. There are grieving relatives and the last thing you want to do is tell a grieving son or daughter: “Sorry, we don’t accept checks. Do you have another form of payment?” This is where CrossCheck can help.

According to a National Funeral Directors Association study from 2021, median funeral costs have increased 6.6 percent since 2016, to $7,848. If the deceased and his or her relatives opt for a viewing and cremation, the median price is $6,970, up 11.3% from the median price of 2016.

Comfort for both relatives and funeral home

iStock-652908414When my own father passed away, he had requested that he be cremated and his remains be buried in an indistinguishable pauper’s plot in the cemetery of the city he grew up in. His request was partly because he was proud that he grew up a working man and partly because he didn’t want to saddle his kids with funeral costs.

In the end, the burial still cost enough money that my siblings and I had to pool our resources and agree on the arrangements. We were all distraught at the loss of our father. We agreed on a sum and gave the money to my older sister, who in turn did the scheduling and arranged for all the payments. She wrote a check to the funeral home, which in turn took care of all the particulars so we didn’t have to worry about anything, other than to be there for each other and both grieve and celebrate our father’s life the way we were supposed to.

Check guarantee for peace of mind

End-of-life arrangements are devastating enough, even without the prospect of grieving family members rifling through wallets and purses in an attempt to come up with enough credit cards to cover the costs. With CrossCheck’s Check Guarantee service, you can be sure the check will be accepted and the funds will be in your account swiftly, leaving you to focus on making sure family members are as comfortable as possible while they mourn the loss of a loved one.

iStock-1124651972CrossCheck also offers the Multiple Check premium, which will allow family members to write several checks that will be deposited at agreed-upon intervals. Each check will be guaranteed and it will be a comfort to you and the customer both.

Getting paid for services rendered is crucial for any business. But in the case of the funeral business, there have to be considerations as emotions naturally run high. Removing any issues around payment might just be the thing that makes a difficult situation easier for everyone involved.

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Written by Patrik Jorgensen