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CrossCheck Helps Reduce the Risk of Accepting Checks

Posted by Mike Harris | Wed, Sep 23, 2020 @ 07:45 AM


With an increasingly uncertain world, the pace of change is swift and becoming more rapid. This is why risk management is more important than ever before, and adaptability by companies is key. Businesses must balance the need to be open for commerce while taking measures against the extra financial risk in the marketplace. This is the essence of our business model — CrossCheck helps reduce the risk of accepting checks so your business remains whole as it conducts commerce.

Not every negative event can be avoided, but the right approaches will allow companies to respond effectively in crisis situations and potentially even thrive. Furthermore, businesses must find a way to simultaneously safe guard against COVID-19 in 2020 while avoiding financial risk.

What Are Check Guarantee Services?

dominoes and coinsCheck guarantee companies reduce the risk of accepting checks by safeguarding merchants from those that may later be returned for reasons such as fake or closed accounts, insufficient funds, or stop payment orders.

Having a check guarantee service in place is like having a close friend by your side that earnestly has your best interest at heart. Businesses should accept all forms of payments to ensure the maximum amount of guarantee sales. Through CrossCheck's guarantee service, check payments are protected and guaranteed at the point of sale, thus allowing merchants to focus on the task of running their businesses.

The goal is to have more companies thriving without compromise while improving their bottom line as they navigate recent events.

Why Are Check Guarantee Services Needed?

Since cash is rarely used for high-dollar purchases in today’s business space, the vast majority of those purchases involve card or check payments. For the latter, only drawee banks can verify if there are sufficient funds in a checking account and it must be in real time while the merchant is literally standing at the teller window.

This scenario is obviously impractical for transactions such as buying cars, home furnishings, or home repairs where merchants accept checks that are deposited after the sale. In these situations, merchants accept checks on good faith or with some type of guarantee to reduce the risk of accepting checks. Enter check guarantee services.

How Can CrossCheck Help Reduce the Risk of Accepting Checks?

At CrossCheck, we help reduce risk of accepting checks by identifying potentially fraudulent transactions. When we authorize a check, we use a variety of third-party databases which are not available to all merchants. These tools enable us to validate a checking account owner, detect new account fraud, access an account history, and get high risk transaction alerts. They include intelligence from telcos, mobile networks, and trusted third-party sources. Data is shared collaboratively among 45 of the top 50 U.S. banks.

We have tens of thousands of merchants as clients — from the largest auto dealership in the nation to the smallest mom-and-pop stores.

They all prefer to take checks for high-dollar transactions because the cost of credit card interchange would eat up their profit on the sale. We stand in at the point of sale in real time and make a sale happen by guaranteeing a check or series of checks to be deposited in the future. We don’t guarantee fraudulent checks, but we provide some fraud screening during the authorization process. All in all, CrossCheck’s Check Guarantee product can help you during these uncertain times.

Customers' Needs

That attention to changing needs has continued to influence the evolution of CrossCheck services. "We're not one-size-fits-all … we can make our decision immediately and move quickly," said Senior Vice President Mike Harris, a CrossCheck employee since 1991 who has experienced continued perseverance with the company.

Simply put, CrossCheck offers payments solutions that help merchants save time and money, reduce the risk of accepting checks as a viable payment option, and increase sales.

Accepting payments in exchange for goods and services shouldn't cause merchants to stress over the integrity of the customers’ payment as well as the fines accrued from returned checks.

Contact us for a free consultation (888-937-2249 or to discover how you can increase sales by accepting a greater number of checks, and reduce the risk of accepting checks in the process.

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Written by Mike Harris

Senior Vice President Mike Harris manages the daily operations and budgets of three CrossCheck groups: Merchant Analysis and Control (MAC), Claims, Underwriting and Risk Management. He held management positions in the Sales and Consumer Relations departments before assuming his current role in December 2001. He earned a bachelor of arts in accounting and economics.