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Heavy Equipment Sellers Can Expect a Strong 2022

According to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), both sales and rentals of heavy equipment for the construction industry is expected to climb after the new year, even on top of a decent sales increase during 2021. In order for heavy equipment sellers to take advantage of that growth and secure each sale, CrossCheck has developed services that will ensure payment on everything from rentals to the purchase of big-ticket items, with our Multiple Check, Check on Delivery and Check Guarantee.
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How Check on Delivery Can Streamline Construction Pay at Each Step

John is a building materials supplier. He has just received a wish list of innovative materials from a general contractor who is building an office and lab for a tech manufacturer. John knows the wish list is expensive but is excited to be part of creating what promises to be a structure that will revolutionize the construction industry and hoist it into tomorrow.
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Ensuring Payment on Shrinking Motorcycle Margins with Check Guarantee

All motorcycle manufacturers have been rejoicing as sales increased dramatically during the first half of this year, following an almost disastrous 2020. For instance, Italian manufacturer Ducati posted a 33% increase for Q1, while Harley-Davidson notched a 24% uptick for Q2.
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Guaranteed Payments for Delivered Building Materials

on Mon, Jan 13, 2020 @ 09:45 AM By | Brandes Elitch | 0 Comments | Building Materials Check on Delivery
There’s an old saying in business, “Nothing happens until somebody makes a sale!” This is true, of course, and so is this corollary: “Nothing happens with cash flow until the building materials customer pays the bill.” Cash flow is the lifeblood of the building materials industry. Sometimes a business with a full order book and a large accounts receivable position will be forced to close its doors because there wasn’t enough cash on hand to pay the bills that are due now. This is why it’s just good business to have a company credit policy at a building materials center. As somebody said, “If there’s no plan, there’s no hope for survival.” This raises the question: how do you create a credit policy?
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Building Materials Dealers and Check on Delivery

on Sat, Apr 15, 2017 @ 07:00 AM By | Joe Gargiulo | 0 Comments | Building Materials Check on Delivery
It’s 6:55 Saturday morning, and entire neighborhoods along a 10-mile stretch of secondary roads are vibrating as two heavy-duty dump trucks pass with engines growling. Few people are awake at this hour except for those heading to the gym, getting ready for work, or the lone homeowner eagerly awaiting the delivery of building materials from a landscaping supplier. The convoy’s lead driver is using a smart phone with GPS to find the delivery site — a modest three-bedroom, two-bath home undergoing renovation in suburbia. The homeowner flags him down in the street and the pair discuss a suitable drop zone. Meanwhile, the second driver waits a few doors down with the motor running until the first truck unloads its cargo.
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