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Avoid Credit Card Fees with These 3 Solutions

Posted by Patrik Jorgensen | Thu, Feb 29, 2024 @ 07:29 AM

Avoid credit card fees with checks.Though the use of paper checks has declined, check payments still accounts for more than $27 trillion according to the Federal Reserve . While credit- and debit card payments have steadily increased, they come with a fee - most often around 3 percent - and many merchants and retailers are opting to pass that cost onto the consumer. But with innovative payment solutions like Mobile Pay and ACH Pay-by-Link, merchants can take advantage of low-cost options that can save thousands of dollars by circumventing prohibitive credit card fees.

When filling up their car with gas, consumers will notice that many gas stations now have one price for cash customers, and another for customers using debit or credit cards. The latter price is most often 10 cents per gallon above the cash price.  The 10 cents - or standard 3 percent credit card fee - may not seem like much on a $50 gas bill but becomes much more pronounced with higher ticket items, like a down payment on a new car.

Check Guarantee

Auto dealers can sweeten the deal without credit card fees.The cost of a down payment naturally varies but most often run into the thousands of dollars. This is where a 3 percent credit card fee becomes increasingly difficult to swallow. The question then becomes whether that cost will be absorbed by the dealership or passed onto the customer. Accepting a paper check, on the other hand, is significantly cheaper. This will not only save the dealership money but can also be used as a bargaining chip when the inevitable haggling over price begins. When taking a check rather than a credit card for the down payment, the savings - rather than the cost - could be passed onto the customer, potentially sealing the deal and completing the sale.

Accepting paper checks always carries some risk as there is no way of truly verifying whether there are enough funds in a customer's bank account to cover the cost of a given transaction. And on large-ticket transactions, the risk and potential burden to the merchant can be substantial. Enter CrossCheck's Check Guarantee.

Our Check Guarantee means we will do our due diligence and verify a customer's check writing history. Based on our calculations, once we have approved a check, our Check Guarantee will be in effect, allowing the merchant to confidently accept payment. If for any reason the check is returned, we guarantee the funds and the merchant's bank account will receive payment in full.

Mobile Pay

Mobile Pay makes accepting payment easier for auto glass installers.CrossCheck's Mobile Pay option is a flexible solution for all retailers and is particularly ideal for merchants on the go. With our proprietary smart device application, merchants can accept payment anywhere at any time. 

Mobile auto glass installers, for instance, often go to office buildings to replace a windshield that was perhaps cracked from a piece of gravel being hurled on the freeway from the rear tires of the car in front. If a customer decides to write a check, the glass installer has to decide whether it is worth the risk and time it takes to physically take the check to the bank at the end of the business day. With Mobile Pay, the installer can simply take a photo of the check using any smart device, enter some basic account information and the transaction is finished. What's more, CrossCheck's Mobile Pay always includes Check Guarantee so any risk is eliminated.

ACH Pay-by-Link

Auto shops and other merchants use ACH to ease payments for repeat customersCrossCheck's ACH Pay-by-Link is used for any multitude of checking account transactions. Like our other payment solutions, it is a good way to avoid exorbitant credit card fees. ACH Pay-by-Link is also ideal for any merchant that relies on steady, return business, such as auto mechanics, veterinarians and medical offices.

Most people find an auto mechanic or shop they like and trust and often return to the same mechanic time after time, year after year, and vehicle after vehicle. CrossCheck's ACH Pay-by-Link offers tokenization, which means the customer only has to enter their checking account information once and can then utilize the same information to pay for future visits. When the mechanic calls to inform the customer what needs to be fixed and the total cost, the customer simply goes to the link supplied and approves the transaction. Also, all ACH transactions are guaranteed, so the merchant can accept payment without concern and begin needed work immediately.


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Written by Patrik Jorgensen