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CrossCheck's New Website is Live!

Posted by Rudy Campos | Wed, Oct 27, 2021 @ 10:30 AM

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After months of hard work, the collaboration between many departments, and drinking copious amounts of coffee — CrossCheck, Inc. is proud to introduce the newly designed website!

Launching a new website is an exciting moment for any company, but it's more than updated graphics and newly designed widgets. We wanted to make sure that returning users would experience the same functionality they've become accustomed to and new/returning visitors would have an easier time navigating the site.

A few of the most significant changes we made were to the home page, the ISO & Resellers Portal, and the services/industries pages. We've updated these pages to be easier to navigate and we've consolidated the content.  We've also added the CrossCheck Mobile Pay page to our website. CrossCheck Mobile Pay is an application that allows merchants to process/guarantee checks from anywhere with a smart device. 

What's new about the website?

When we updated the website, we wanted to streamline the journey of our visitors whether they are consumers or merchants. The center of the home page features a new section that we refer to as, “the merchant/consumer journey.” This section of the page will be the guiding light for anyone visiting the site. Merchants and Business owners will be able to find where to go based on whether or not they are considering our services, have our services, or are looking for other payment solutions. Consumers and merchants will find multiple avenues for contacting our 24/7/365 customer service department and have the opportunity to leave feedback.

CrossCheck offers its services to a variety of industries ranging from auto dealers, repair shops, and medical offices. The newly streamlined industries page has been updated with a series of short descriptions and useful links for any merchant seeking payments solutions.

ISO and Resellers 

ISOs and Resellers will notice that the portion of the site dedicated to ISO resources and guides has been updated. The new and improved ISO & Resellers Sales Portal has all of the information and tools needed for connecting merchants with CrossCheck’s payment solutions. ISOs who would like access to the new portal can send an email to If you are an ISO or Reseller our Partners Team is always available to help you find any information you need. 

CrossCheck Mobile Pay

The Mobile Pay service section is the newest addition to our website. CrossCheck Mobile Pay is an application that allows merchants to accept and process guaranteed check payments using a mobile device. Our app is an excellent fit for merchants out in the field or delivering goods on-site.  Merchants capture check images with smart devices (phones or tablets), then upload the images to CrossCheck for processing and fast deposits to their business accounts.

CrossCheck Mobile Pay will be available for download on the iOS App Store and the Google Play store.

User Feedback

The completion of the updated was a multi-department accomplishment. Our Marketing team couldn’t have brought the new site across the finish line without help from our Information Systems department, and input from the rest of the staff.

Now that the site has been launched, we will be making constant improvements. We are always open to feedback from consumers and merchants. If you have any questions or have feedback about the new site feel free to let us know by clicking the button below! 

Website Feedback


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Written by Rudy Campos

Writer/Marketer at CrossCheck, Inc.