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The Best Ways to Accept Payments in 2021

Posted by Travis Powers | Thu, May 06, 2021 @ 10:45 AM

the best ways to accept payments in 2021

As a business owner in today’s COVID-19 business space, deciding the best ways to accept payments in 2021 is a critical decision that has prompted a few questions. Are your current payment options safe and convenient for customers? As businesses open back up, are customers returning to their old payment habits or moving on to new ones?

Forcing customers to change is never a good idea, but giving them options is always a great idea. Do customers want to pay right now or pay with terms? Is the option they are looking for cash, check, debit, credit, or even bitcoin?

Searching for the right solution with all the variables experienced in 2020 can be daunting for any business, no matter the size. Furthermore, there was a shift to contactless payments in 2021 and those changes are here to stay. When looking at payment options and solutions, finding the right combination is key. 

What are the best ways to accept payments in 2021?

  1. Make Sure Your Payment Options Fit Your Business
  2. Contactless Terminals
  3. Text and QR Transactions
  4. Digital Invoicing  
  5. Electronic Processing: Remote Deposit Capture

Making Sure Your Payment Options Fit Your Business

wireless payment options croppedA payment sales agent is only as good as their knowledge and ability to service payment needs. Merchants often look at price as a key to their success and bottom line.

The key factor in deciding the best ways to accept payments in 2021 should always be about how your customers want to pay. If the point of sale has the correct tools to be efficient and accommodate how the customer wants to pay, then you have a winning strategy. This is why it is important to find the right salesperson who has access to different solutions and product types. During the global pandemic, merchants began to include mobile and touch-free options. 

The Best Ways to Accept Payments in 2021

Contactless Terminals 

A contactless terminal is a card machine that accepts several types of contactless payments by tapping a card or smart device on the terminal (or waving over the terminal). This can be done with both credit and debit cards that have that capability.

Many terminals also accept Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, near field communication (NFC), or radio-frequency identification (RFID). 

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Text and QR Transactions

Businesses such as car dealers and restaurants are now using Text to Pay or QR code options when it is time to check out. Text and QR transactions are simple for many of us who use smartphones. The merchant can send an invoice to the customer via SMS text or have them scan a QR code with the bill. Depending on the customer, this can be easy as pie or relatively confusing.  

Digital Invoicing  

With addition of digital invoicing, merchants can send invoices to their customers. These bills can be paid via email or SMS text message with several payment types like ACH, debit or credit.

The big question here is: “who is going to ensure that you can take payments the way your customers want to pay and support your business?” Payment options will change whether it happens slowly or needs to be done in a hurry. Merchants need to react to the changing rules or playing fields in the evolving COVID-19 business space.

Remote Deposit Capture

remote deposit capture

As mentioned above, there are many ways to accept payments in 2021. Checks continue to be a popular form of accepting and making payments for a lot of businesses and consumers.

CrossCheck offers a suite of guaranteed payment solutions for merchants in industries including automotive retail, home furnishings, building supply, auto aftermarket, and medical, dental and veterinary offices.

One of our most popular packages is Remote Deposit Capture with Multiple Check. Remote Deposit Capture is a fast form of electronic check processing where merchants scan checks using desktop imagers connected to a computer or terminal.

Multiple Check allows consumers to write 2 − 4 checks for one sale all with the same purchase date. Merchants deposit the checks on dates selected by buyers over a specific term (usually 30 days). Consumers take home their purchased items without delay and merchants receive guaranteed funding.

What are the best ways to accept payments in 2021? Find out by downloading our free guide about Remote Deposit Capture with Multiple Check.

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Written by Travis Powers