Payment Solutions for Popular Merchant Categories

Auto Dealerships

AutoDealershipC.A.R.S. is an all-in-one payment solution for new and used dealerships. C.A.R.S. eliminates claims submissions, bank visits to deposit checks, missed deposit dates, the collection of bad checks, and more.

It includes Multiple Check to accept a greater number of down payments and encourage service orders, and Check on Delivery to guarantee delivered auto parts to independent repair shops.

Auto Repair Shops

AutoRepairsAuto repair shops can benefit from the CrossCheck Guarantee Factor, including two particular premium services.

Multiple Check gives customers short extra time to pay for expensive service orders while Stop Payment Protection prevents loss from stop payment requests resulting from insufficient funds, lost or stolen checks or checkbooks, checks mailed to wrong addresses or made out for incorrect amounts, and more.

Building Supply Centers

BuildingSuppliesCrossCheck provides building supply centers with guaranteed payment solutions to help increase sales and mitigate risk while saving time and money.

Multiple Check allows customers to extend their buying power by writing  2 – 4 checks for large purchases. Check on Delivery is a must have for delivered orders to job sites. Check payments are guaranteed over the phone before the trucks leave the supply yard.


ContractorCheck Guarantee and the  Multiple Check premium are ideal solutions for contractors in repair and installation work such as HVAC, electrical, plumbing, concrete, painting and fencing.

Accepting checks is a secure and cost-effective alternative to credit cards carrying transaction fees that cut profits. Finally, Multiple Check gives homeowners a extra time to complete payments without credit or finance charges.

Dental Offices

Dental-1MED-RDC offers the convenience of Electronic Check Processing with guarantee solutions for patient payments and processing-only for insurance checks.

MED-RDC saves times and money while streamlining transactions for busy dental offices. The package includes Multiple Check, a premium that give patients extra time to pay for expensive treatments without credit or credit applications.

Heavy Equipment

HeavyCrossCheck provides guaranteed payment solutions for heavy equipment dealers conducting sales, service and parts department transactions.

Remote Deposit Capture is the fastest form of Electronic Check Processing while Multiple Check gives buyers extra time (usually 30 days) to make payments without credit or financing. Furthermore, Check on Delivery guarantees checks from independent shops over the phone.

Home Furnishings

Home_Furnishings-1Home furnishings stores can leverage the benefits of two CrossCheck services.

Check Guarantee provides protection against items returned because of insufficient funds, closed accounts or stop payment orders.

Better than layaway, Multiple Check finalizes the sale of big ticket items by giving consumers extra time to pay (usually 30 days) without credit, credit checks, or financing.

Medical Offices

MedicalMED-RDC is an all-in-one payment solution designed for medical offices. The program includes the electronic processing of guaranteed checks, the cost-saving feature of processing only for insurance checks, and the Multiple Check premium that gives patients extra time (usually 30 days) to pay for expensive procedures or emergency care.

Offer the care that you and your staff are committed to providing with MED-RDC.

Motorcycle Dealers

MotorcyclesThe C.A.R.S. integrated payment solution is also a moneymaker for motorcycle dealers selling new and used bikes, service department repair orders, and delivered parts.

Remote Deposit Capture helps streamline transactions while Multiple Check helps buyers short on cash with down payments as well as expensive repairs. Finally, Check on Delivery is the preferred way of receiving guaranteed payments from independent repair shops.

Power Sports

PpowerSports2CrossCheck addresses the unique needs of power sports dealers with guaranteed payment solutions for the sales, finance, service, and parts departments.

First, Check Guarantee provides a framework for accepting a wide variety of payment types. Next, Multiple Check offers flexible payment options for buyers short on cash while Check on Delivery takes the worry our of selling parts to independent repair shops.

Specialty Retail

RetailCrossCheck supports a spectrum of specialty retailers with guaranteed payment solutions including Check Guarantee, Electronic Check Processing, Stop Payment Protection and Multiple Check.

These services help increase sales and mitigate risk while saving time and money. Multiple Check, in particular, gives buyers extra time to pay for big ticket items without credit checks or financing.



VET-RDC allows veterinary offices to provide care without worrying about bad checks and needed service to pet parents who can't afford costly care.

This all-in-one solution includes Electronic Check Processing, the Multiple Check premium (giving buyers extra time to make payments without credit or financing), and Stop Payment Protection if there is ever a dispute over services rendered.

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