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Six Ways to Position for Success in a Post-COVID Environment

on Thu, Apr 15, 2021 @ 11:36 AM By | Charles Dortch III | 0 Comments | Check Guarantee
“Proper preparation prevents poor performance” is a phrase that I heard over and over while in basic training at Fort Knox, Ky. My drill sergeants always stressed the importance of staying ready so you never need to get ready. This simple phrase got me thinking about how businesses are coping during the pandemic. More importantly, what steps are businesses taking to position for success in a post-COVID environment? I have spoken to GMs, controllers, finance directors, CFOs and CEOs about some of the steps they are taking to navigate these rocky waters. Hopefully, their insights (summarized below) will provide you with inspiration and hope as we begin the second quarter of 2021.
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San Diego GM Retail Managers Learn How Checks Increase Sales

Helping service managers discover payment solutions for their auto dealerships is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. If I can address a dozen or so in one place, then I’ve increased the odds of finding personal satisfaction that many times. A recent meeting of the San Diego GM Retail Service Manager’s Club, a division of the New Car Dealers Association San Diego County, offered such an opportunity. A longtime proponent of trade associations, I wrote an article called "Ten Reasons to Join an Association" in 2012, explaining the numerous benefits (see inset).
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Home Furnishings: Day One at NAHFA’s 2015 Winter Las Vegas Market

*Visit CrossCheck at Booth 28 in the Retail Resource Center and enter  for a chance to win a Bose Bluetooth speaker* 
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What's the true value of a Belgian Waffle at HFA's Vegas Market?

Each morning in the Retail Resource Center at the Las Vegas Market the team at the North American Home Furnishings Association serves breakfast. This includes freshly squeezed orange juice from the juiciest oranges you've seen in your life. The juice is actually squeezed while you wait!
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CrossCheck at HFA Summer Home Furnishings Las Vegas Market

Despite overcast skies, intermittent rain and the threat of a possible monsoon, the Summer Las Vegas Market is once again in full swing.
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In the Chips at the Retailer Resource Center, Las Vegas Market

The Las Vegas Market has begun and I’m here on site with thousands of home furnishing dealers, store owners, designers, buyers and vendors. CrossCheck Director of Sales Jason Lindell and I are happy to be back this summer. Market week provides us a chance to meet with current and potential clients and reconnect with our pals from the North American Home Furnishings Association (NAHFA). Though much is the same here - great offerings, a positive vibe, excited buyers…there are a few changes, too. And change is good, right?
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CrossCheck at NAHFA's Summer Las Vegas Market - Booth 28

It’s almost time for the summer Las Vegas Market and I’m really looking forward to it! Not only will I get a chance to connect with the team from the North American Home Furnishings Association, but we’ll be set up in the new location for the Retailer Resource Center (Building B – 1050). From what I hear, it’s a fabulous new space! CrossCheck will be set up in Booth 28. I’ll be there, along with Director of Sales, Jason Lindell. If you’re going, I hope you stop by to see us. Here are some of things I’m looking forward to:
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Style, Substance and Sass - HFIC 2013 Wraps Up

On the flight home I had a chance to reflect on the Home Furnishings Industry Conference (HFIC)  that just concluded in New Orleans. It was an exciting and successful show for furniture retailers, designers and companies like mine that sell to these folks. In addition to some fun (see below), the event provided numerous opportunities and workshops that offered business advice, tips to improve sales and marketing support. Here are a few highlights. 
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Home Furnishings Industry Conference Takes Off

I’m in New Orleans attending HFIC (the Home Furnishings Industry Conference). Today is day one and the conference has gotten off to a very exciting start. This conference is attended by home furnishing retailers from throughout the country and is a great opportunity to network, socialize and learn. Here’s a little more about the first day.
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Lots of Buzz and Business at Las Vegas Furniture Market 2013

I'm back in the office with my check guarantee sales team after a very busy and exciting Las Vegas Market last week. This furniture market was very well attended by the home furnishings industry and the atmosphere was buzzing with positive, confident retailers. I don't think I've ever come back from a show so excited about the business. Here are some of the things I was excited to see at Market this year:
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