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Home Furnishings Highlights at Summer LVM 2018

on Thu, Aug 23, 2018 @ 01:44 PM By | Jessica Beaudry | 0 Comments | Home Furnishings Las Vegas Market (LVM)
Underlined by resounding approval from attendees and exhibitors, organizers of Las Vegas Market (LVM) said the successful 2018 Summer Market was represented by “strong buyer traffic, increased order writing, and new product introductions.” Home furnishings dealers, retailers, designers, and other industry experts and stakeholders were presented with more than 5 million square feet of permanent and temporary exhibit space showcasing a wide selection of home décor, gift, housewares, gourmet, handmade, and antique products. The mega-event took place July 29 – Aug 2 at the World Market Center campus (WMC) in Las Vegas.
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HFA INSIGHTS 2018: The Consumer Experience in Home Furnishings

on Mon, Aug 13, 2018 @ 09:45 AM By | Jessica Beaudry | 0 Comments | Home Furnishings
The retail industry is rapidly evolving with new technologies and changing consumer behavior and attitudes toward the retail experience. In response, retailers are implementing a consumer-centric approach at both brick-and-mortar locations and virtual storefronts. According to the Home Furnishings Association (HFA), every effort should be made to make customers’ shopping experiences “better than ever before.”
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Veterinary Industry Trends in 2018 and Beyond

on Fri, Aug 10, 2018 @ 08:45 AM By | Jessica Beaudry | 0 Comments | Veterinarians
Veterinary medicine has experienced extraordinary advancements and growth since its early stages in known ancient history — taking place in Mongolia more than 3,000 years ago. An increase in consumer demand, along with modern-day technologies unfathomable to the Mongolian nomadic herders of 1300-700 B.C., have revolutionized animal healthcare. Veterinarians working in today’s rapidly changing veterinary industry must remain informed on the latest trends, breakthroughs and approaches to remain competitive. Here are five trends to watch in 2018 and beyond.
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Home Furnishings Dealers: Increase Sales with Ultra Violet Décor

on Mon, Jul 23, 2018 @ 10:45 AM By | Jessica Beaudry | 0 Comments | Home Furnishings
Millions of trend-following U.S. college students will display pictures, organize desks, and arrange furniture in an effort to personalize dorm rooms and living spaces this fall. For many, Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year, ultra violet, will be an essential feature. As 2018’s “it” color continues to inspire and attract millennials, home furnishings dealers can meet this demand, improve customer satisfaction rates, and increase sales by stocking a selection of ultra violet items.
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All the FAQs: Home Furnishings Products at Summer LVM

on Wed, Jul 18, 2018 @ 07:46 AM By | Jessica Beaudry | 0 Comments | Home Furnishings Las Vegas Market (LVM)
Furniture dealers, home décor retailers, buyers, suppliers, interior designers, and other industry stakeholders and experts will attend the “first and only market to offer a comprehensive cross-category venue” for home furnishings July 29 – August 2. Summer Las Vegas Market (LVM) 2018, an annual event by LVM that also presents the annual winter LVM market, will house more than 4,000 exhibitors and brands showcasing thousands of trending products at the World Market Center campus (WMC) in Las Vegas. LVM invites professionals in search of new merchandise, business enhancement opportunities, networking events, and comprehensive education to visit the mega event that encompasses more than 5.4 million square feet of showroom space.
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AVMA Presents Comprehensive Veterinary Education at Convention

on Mon, Jul 09, 2018 @ 11:45 AM By | Jessica Beaudry | 0 Comments | Veterinarians Events / Conferences
Each year, thousands of animal health professionals gather for veterinary education, product discovery, business development and networking opportunities at the AVMA Convention. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) welcomes practicing veterinarians, AVMA members, retired members, non-members, veterinary students, members of international veterinary associations, veterinary technicians, veterinary technician students, practice staff, and non-veterinarians to attend. The 2018 Convention offers:
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Father's Day Promotional Ideas for Home Improvement Stores

on Fri, Jun 01, 2018 @ 06:45 AM By | Jessica Beaudry | 0 Comments | Retail Building Materials
Father’s Day spending in the U.S. is expected to reach a record high of $15.5 billion, the National Retail Federation (NRF) reports. To celebrate father figures, home improvement stores can present simple DIY backyard projects that families can complete over the holiday (Sunday, June 17, 2018) weekend, and promote the campaign with the effective multi-media marketing efforts suggested below.
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LVM Presents New Resources for Home Furnishings Dealers

on Tue, May 29, 2018 @ 10:45 AM By | Jessica Beaudry | 0 Comments | Home Furnishings Las Vegas Market (LVM)
The Las Vegas Market welcomes home furnishings and furniture dealers, home décor retailers, interior designers, suppliers, architects, purchasing companies and industry experts at Summer LVM 2018. The annual event — LVM also runs an annual winter market — fills more than 5.4 million square feet of permanent showrooms and temporary exhibits with thousands of trending home décor, furniture, bedding, outdoor, antiques, textiles and more. Scheduled for July 29 – Aug 2 at the World Market Center campus (WMC) in Las Vegas, Summer LVM offers:
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Women Powered WIA Conference Inspires Auto Dealers

on Mon, May 21, 2018 @ 12:45 PM By | Jessica Beaudry | 0 Comments | Events / Conferences Auto Dealerships
The 4th annual summer Women in Automotive (WIA) Conference will focus on “educating and empowering women and men in the automotive community” by discussing content marketing, industry trends, and other factors impacting employment and sales growth for auto dealers. The conference offers ample opportunity to experience “Ted-talk-style” engaging keynotes, interactive educational sessions, and networking with educators, women in similar roles, and female industry leaders. The 2017 WIA Conference drew over 400 attendees.
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Must-Stock Accessories for Boating Dealers in 2018

on Fri, May 18, 2018 @ 09:45 AM By | Jessica Beaudry | 0 Comments |
Retail success for boating dealers involves reviewing the latest gadgets and trends and carefully selecting new products to stock in stores and online. From manufacturers designing vessels with new functionalities to ever-evolving marine electronics, technology continues to improve the boating experience. These advancements are providing enhanced comfort, reliability and safety. To meet consumer demands, remain competitive, increase consumer interest, improve sales and increase revenue, U.S. boating retailers can offer on-trend accessories. Below, the CrossCheck editorial team has compiled a sampling of top boating accessories for the 2018 season.
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