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Check Processing Services Save Lives at Medical Offices

Posted by Jessica Beaudry | Mon, Oct 30, 2017 @ 04:23 PM

check processing servicesSaving lives with check processing services? The claim is ambitious, for sure, but this article makes a solid case in proving the point. Nevertheless, we look forward to receiving feedback in the “Comments” section after viewers have assessed the content. As the saying goes, “you be the judge.”

It’s an accepted fact that restoring and maintaining patient wellness is a fundamental aspect of a healthcare practitioner’s commitment to their profession. While their commitment to Hippocratic oath is unwavering, their business success is dependent on offering affordable healthcare services and remaining profitable. With medical costs at the forefront of most patients’ minds, the CrossCheck editorial team unpacks the lifesaving benefits of check processing services for veterinary, medical and dental offices.


check processing servicesAnnual spending on companion animal healthcare services by their guardians continues to rise, as illustrated in an infographic by Pet Life Today. While total spending varies from client to client, most have a stop treatment point — the maximum amount clients are willing to pay for animal care services. The latest data reveals that the average animal guardian is willing to spend up to $1,704 in unexpected veterinary costs.

In extreme cases, the ability of clients to fund veterinary bills can become a life-or-death situation for pawed patients. To prevent clients from making a heartbreaking stop treatment point decision, veterinary businesses can offer payment processing services such as CrossCheck’s Multiple Check services that enable them to “stretch” the limits of their respective stop treatment points.

Multiple Check is easy to use. Clients write 2 – 4 checks and select deposit dates for each over a 30-day window. Meanwhile, veterinary offices receive guaranteed funding as each check is deposited. From $200 sterilization surgeries to major surgery for a luxating patella — estimated at $2,700 — Multiple Check allows companion animals to receive necessary care that satisfies the interests of their guardians as well as veterinary offices.  


From an ultrasound to an X-ray, a single lab test performed at a medical office can save a patient’s life. Without insurance, one simple blood test costs roughly $100 while multiple blood tests can cost up to $3,000. Patients who skip routine checkups and advised testing due to the inability to pay may remain unaware of existing health issues such as blood clots, cancers, and chronic kidney disease to name a few.

It’s critical for physicians, orthopedic specialists, chiropractors, and other medical professionals to remind patients about essential lab tests and offer the means to pay for potentially life-threatening ailments. By offering Multiple Check as a payment solution, medical offices can provide vital care to individuals who are unable to pay in full upfront, do not have credit cards, or cannot qualify for CareCredit.


iStock-694912646.jpgNational dental expenditures reached $117.5 billion in 2015, according to the American Dental Association (ADA). A 2016 research brief by the ADA predicts that annual percentage growth within the industry will hit 5.1 percent in 2019. Furthermore, total payments for dental services for 2019 will amount to $141.3 billion.

With a portion of U.S. consumers prepared to spend their hard-earned dollars on dental care, many Americans are choosing to forgo much-needed dental work due to insufficient funds.

In rare cases, patients with long windows in-between dental cleanings may experience a life-threatening heart attack at their next visit. This occurs when patients with Endocarditis develop gingivitis resulting from poor dental hygiene. Blood from the infected gums can enter the bloodstream during cleanings, sending the bacteria straight to the patient’s heart.

In addition, researchers have recently discovered that early diagnosis of severe gum disease may help medical professionals diagnose type 2 diabetes.

Furthermore, delaying routine treatments such as cavity fillings, root canals or fractured teeth can have negative consequences on a patient’s lifestyle, or ability to work or take care of their families.

Like veterinary and medical practitioners, dental offices can provide comprehensive healthcare to their patients by offering alternative payment solutions such as Multiple Check. The service enables them to create healthy smiles and positive relationships with patients because payment is no longer an issue, and it may even attract absent patients or new ones to the practice.

Business Benefits of Check Processing Services

At CrossCheck, our company operates with the latest technology to ensure that our check-processing services successfully assist merchants in an evolving retail environment. These services are designed to help increase sales, mitigate risk, save time and money, and simplify transactions.

Although check processing services do not directly save lives, healthcare businesses that implement Multiple Check provide a solution for clients who require extra time to fund healthcare bills.

Download our free guide to Multiple Check to learn how it can help save lives at your veterinary, medical and dental office.

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Written by Jessica Beaudry

Inbound Marketer at CrossCheck.