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3 Reasons Your Building Materials Parking Lot Matters - A Lot!

Posted by Tom Lombardo | Thu, Aug 07, 2014 @ 10:00 AM
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  1. Psychological research shows that if you create a welcoming environment (1957 Chevy optional) … 
  2. New Friedman’s Building Materials and Home Improvement Store in Petaluma, California
  3. …you make people feel like they belong. 
  4. And that has a positive impact on both employees and customers: 
  5. Employees are more… Cooperative Conscientious Accurate 
  6. And customers trust you. 
  7. So how do you welcome people to your business…. before they even meet you? 
  8. North American Sweeper magazine says that: “a clean parking lot invites people to enter your business with a positive feeling.” 
  9. So what feeling does your parking lot create? 
  10. How does this one make you feel: 
  11. Or these two: 
  12. Would you get out of your truck to spend thousands on materials for your upcoming make-or-break construction contract? 
  13. Probably not. 
  14. North American Sweeper also says that:  “A clean parking lot encourages people not to litter.”
  15. And “a clean parking lot can deter loitering and crime.” 
  16. Of course, sometimes a worn out parking lot can look inviting… 
  17. Even beautiful… 
  18. But not professional. 
  19. For most building materials suppliers, your parking lot gives your customer his first impression of your business. 
  20. Are you average? 
  21. Are you extraordinary? 
  22. Are you faking it? 
  23. Or are you trying to optimize what you already have? 
  24. It’s OK
  25. Here’s an example from CrossCheck’s home town… 
  26. This building materials company provides materials for many projects done in our county. 
  27. When a customer sees their orderly, tree lined parking lot…. 
  28. They expect to see an orderly, LEED Certified selection of materials: 
  29. Here’s a nice example of a much smaller company: 
  30. Did this last winter destroy your parking lot? It ruined a lot of them… 
  31. If you replacing it makes more sense than patching it (again)… 
  32. Go with the LEED flow and recycle the whole thing. 
  33. For Construction Pros magazine says that “preservation” and “sustainability” have become essential facets of many pavement projects. 
  34. Your asphalt and a predetermined thickness of base material can be pulverized , blended and stabilized with additives -- and then put right back where it is now. 
  35. It’s called “full-depth reclamation.” 
  36. Even more extreme eco solutions are also possible: 
  37. But be careful not to get carried away by a fad. 
  38. Landscape Architecture magazine says that light colored pavement doesn’t actually help the environment. 
  39. So however you approach your parking lot… 
  40. …remember that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. 
  41. Your parking lot may make that first impression… …so make sure it’s a good one: 
  42. …and you never know who might show up, or how big their order might be: 
  43. You never get a second chance to make a last impression, either… 
  44. …so before you send your customer back out into your beautifully manicured parking lot, make sure you closed the sale and left your customer smiling. 
  45. We offer the highest check approval ratio in the industry… 
  46. …which lets you close business right now, with your customer’s preferred method of payment. 
  47. And we guarantee every check we approve, so you know you’ll get paid. 
  48. Learn more here: 888-937-2249

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Written by Tom Lombardo