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RepairPal Surveys Auto Repair Shops to Form Reliability Study

Posted by Joe Gargiulo on Mon, Nov 20, 2017 @ 07:45 AM

auto repair released a Car Reliability Rating based on millions of vehicle repair orders from its Certified Network of over 2,000 auto repair shops. The organization says the research study is the first dependability metric to derive scores from real-world data. Asian automakers dominate the ratings with Honda, Lexus, Hyundai, Mazda, Kia, Toyota and Acura all scoring an Excellent rating of 4.5 out of 5.

"We wanted to take a fresh, data-driven approach to reliability," says Art Shaw, CEO of RepairPal. "While other studies are based on subjective surveys, we are in a unique position with our nationwide network of shops to use actual repair data. The best way we can help consumers is by providing research tools that enable them to make the most informed decisions about their cars."

auto repair shopsThe Reliability Rating was derived from millions of repair orders on model years 2010 – 2017 at auto repair shops. Vehicles without sufficient data for statistical significance were omitted.

RepairPal says the Reliability Rating is a measurement of vehicle dependability based on the cost, frequency, and severity of unscheduled repairs and maintenance. “RepairPal combines an extensive proprietary database including millions of vehicle repair invoices with additional automotive statistics and predictive data science to develop the most genuine reliability metric in the industry.”

Key Findings About Auto Repair Shops

  • The average annual repair cost for all cars is $620 per year. This includes both major scheduled maintenance and unscheduled repairs.
  • The average car visits a repair shop approximately once every two years for major unscheduled repair, or 0.5 times per year. The best cars average 2 – 3 years before needing a major repair while we observed some models averaging multiple visits per year.
  • On average across all models, 11 percent of repairs are considered severe. The probability of a repair being a major issue can be determined by analyzing cost and frequency of major repairs.

auto repair shops

The rating includes a comprehensive list of reliable makes and models, including the most popular vehicles. American and European manufacturers trailed Asian brands; Chrysler and Buick ranked highest for domestic brands while Volkswagen was first among European manufacturers.

About RepairPal

RepairPal developed a patented auto repair price estimator in 2007 to educate consumers about the fair cost of auto repairs. The organization has since expanded to include a nationwide network of certified repair shops that auto repair shopsstrive for a better car care experience marked by transparency and trust. All RepairPal certified shops are rigorously screened for quality, tools, training and a commitment to honor the price guidelines set by its Fair Price Estimator.

The CrossCheck editorial team believes reputable online estimators are beneficial to consumers as well as auto repair shops. See our article, “Affordable Payments at the Transmission Shop,” mentioning an online transmission estimator.

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