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Motorcycle Dealers: How to Winterize Your Marketing Strategy

Posted by Jessica Beaudry on Fri, Dec 22, 2017 @ 11:11 AM

motorcycle dealersWith much of the country experiencing mild temperatures this season, many riders have delayed winterizing their motorcycles. It’s still not too late, however, for motorcycle dealers in colder climates to advise consumers on how to prevent damage by providing winter preparation information in stores.

Incorporating maintenance recommendations into the business model can help dealers maintain a positive brand image while increasing consumer satisfaction, customer retention rates and revenue. Below, the CrossCheck editorial team has sourced marketing strategies and top winterizing instructions from industry experts.

Highlight Standard Procedures

Simply storing motorbikes in a garage with a cover may leave consumers without a running vehicle come next spring. While specialized procedures may vary by model, dealers can address general winter preparation relevant to all riders. 

First, motorcycles should be thoroughly washed. Advise customers to use a specially formulated cleaner with a soft sponge or towel. Removing dirt and grime will help prevent chipped paint. Once completely dry, adding a coat of wax will act as a protective barrier against rust and moisture.

motorcycle dealersNext, an oil and filter change is recommended. A bike sitting idle with a tank full of new oil will fare better than one with older fluids because combustion gasses that collect in the oil and form acid can lead to internal corrosion. Furthermore, carburetors should be drained and gas tanks topped off with the appropriate measurement of fuel stabilizer.

Help customers avoid moisture buildup, rust and binding on a motorbike’s moving parts by mentioning the benefits of chain lube. This basic step includes lubricating the chain drive, fork surfaces, cables, kickstand, clutch levers, brake and other pivot points.

In addition to seasonal cleaning, consumers can safeguard the battery by either detaching it from the motorcycle or using a battery tender. This creates convenience for customers by automatically monitoring a battery’s power level and charging when necessary. Motorcycle dealers can direct customers to the most suitable device for an individual’s ride.

Preserve tire integrity by discussing various methods of tire protection. While a motorcycle stand is optimal, riders may also place plywood or carpet under bikes that are placed on the ground. Rotating tires every other week will distribute pressure to avoid flat spots.

Bikes in locations that reach below zero will require exhaust plugs or bags to keep creatures such as mice out of the pipes. Remind consumers to attach brightly colored string or tape to the exhaust pipes as a mnemonic to remove the materials before starting the engine next year.

Lastly, a quality cover will shield motorcycles from dust and other substances that may settle on bikes during inactive months. For theft protection, vehicles set outside should be tied down with a sturdy chain and lock.

Marketing Tips for Motorcycle Dealers

motorcycle dealersTo maximize profits during the off-season, dealers can assemble a showroom display with all of the necessary equipment, offering customers a convenient, one-stop shopping experience for winter vehicle care that may include a spark plug wrench, cloths, gloves, wax, fuel stabilizer and other items to properly winterize a motorbike.

Dealers can underline the importance of winterization by placing pamphlets with instructions and a supplies checklist near each display and cash register, and on the company website. Furthermore, in-store winterization demonstrations can draw in new and established customers. Finally, these offerings should be promoted on social media channels to reach the largest audience.

Increase Sales Year-Round

Promoting motorcycle winterization can help maintain the integrity of vehicles while widening a merchant’s customer base and increasing customer satisfaction and seasonal profits. Winter, spring, summer or fall, motorcycle dealers can increase sales revenue by implementing one or more of CrossCheck’s top-of-the-line payment solutions.

For example, our Multiple Check service provides consumers with additional time to fund parts and service purchases or make down payments on a new bike without using or applying for credit. Multiple Check is easy to use and benefits both parties’ needs.

Consumers write 2 – 4 checks that are deposited by merchants over a 30-day period. Motorcycle dealers receive guaranteed funding by CrossCheck with each deposit to save the sale, encourage repeat customers and increase profits. Consumers are able to make affordable down payments or take merchandise home on the sale date without delay. Download our free guide to learn more.

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