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Two Ancient Chinese Secrets Revolutionize Veterinarian Practices

Posted by Tom Lombardo on Wed, Mar 04, 2015 @ 07:00 AM

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  • 1. Two Ancient Chinese Secrets Can Revolutionize Your Veterinarian Practice
  • 2. The American Animal Hospital Association Convention is coming up!
  • 3. Got your tickets? We can’t make it this year, but we wish we could.
  • 4. Because we just discovered two ancient Chinese secrets that might revolutionize your practice.
  • 5. Which is interesting, because we’ve been serving Veterinarians for 32 years.
  • 6. And this is new.
  • 7. It begins with the famous 2010 Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study Which found out that:
  • 8. Americans know their pets don’t want to go to the vet.
  • 9. They think veterinarians mostly prescribe medicines that they can buy retail for a lot less.
  • 10. And they think that vet visits often end up being extremely expensive
  • 11. So they don’t go.
  • 12. Partners for Healthy Pets tried to educate pet owners for four years And now we have their much-anticipated update:
  • 13. Nothing’s changed.
  • 14. At least, not enough to impact national averages.
  • 15. One in five still thinks routine checkups are not needed And three in five still think costs are always higher than expected
  • 16. To them, there’s no need to go to the vet Just make a diagnosis on Google
  • 17. And get the same drugs at a retail store -- for a fraction of the cost.
  • 18. In advance of the conference, the AAHA explains:
  • 19. “As long as veterinarians choose to preferentially dispense products for which substitutes are readily available at substantially lower prices…client defections will likely continue unabated.”
  • 20. Yikes. Not good. But those four years weren’t wasted.
  • 21. Because, thanks to the Partners for Healthy Pets Toolbox -- and to the success stories it generated -- we now know what works.
  • 22. Which brings us to our first Ancient Chinese Secret
  • 23. Because veterinary practice is not about drugs or expensive treatments
  • 24. It’s about healing
  • 25. And sometimes, healing requires a human touch…
  • 26. …and some ancient wisdom
  • 27. Both of which can bring patients to your office And since drugs won’t, offering gentle, specialized, hands-on care may be the secret to attracting business
  • 28. Which may explain why says more than a third of veterinarians are learning pet acupuncture.
  • 29. Clinically proven to alleviate pain in humans, acupuncture can do a lot more than that.
  • 30.  It improves tissue blood flow  Increases oxygenation  Facilitates the removal of metabolic wastes  Helps the body expel toxins
  • 31.  It can safely be used to treat a variety of illnesses.  It has no adverse side effects.
  • 32.  It can only be done in your office.  And it can’t be purchased retail.
  • 33. Partners for Healthy Pets puts it like this: “…the pet-owning public still needs to be…convinced of the benefits and value of regular healthcare visits for their animals. To encourage regular healthcare visits, practice teams need to…
  • 34. “…look for opportunities to make themselves an essential and relevant alternative to ‘Dr. Google.’”
  • 35. And so we arrive at our second Ancient Chinese Secret
  • 36. It comes from the Neijing, a classic of Chinese Medicine written during the reign of the Yellow Emperor, over 4,600 years ago.
  • 37. "The sages of antiquity did not treat those who were sick,” it explains, “but those who were not sick…
  • 38. “…When a disease has already broken out and is only then treated, would that not be the same as waiting for thirst before diggin a well, or waiting for battle before making weapons?"
  • 39. Pet owners generally agree with this sentiment. The 2011 Bayer Study found that 45% of pet owners wanted a wellness program billed in monthly installments.
  • 40. And the 2015 follow-up found that pet owners would go to the vet more often -- IF it would prevent expensive problems later.
  • 41. Of all their success stories, the ones that seem to offer the greatest benefit for your business AND your patients is preventative health plans.
  • 42. Billed monthly but requiring only a few appointments a year, the plans make vet expenses a known quantity to the pet owner
  • 43. And they let you earn a monthly income so you can profitably provide organized, holistic, long- term preventative care.
  • 44. One doctor who has had great success offering preventative health plans said:
  • 45. “Our informal probing convinced us that preventive healthcare plans represent an unmet need in our practice and in companion animal medicine generally.”
  • 46. “Clients were telling us in so many words, ‘We would love to pay for a preventive care plan on a monthly basis.’ ”
  • 47. You need to prepare carefully. The doctor explained, “Once you implement a plan, you’ve made binding agreements with your clients. It’s very difficult to change or revoke it once it’s in effect.”
  • 48. But there’s plenty of guidance available: www. partners for healthy pets .org
  • 49. And to make sure acupuncture or preventative health plans generate profit…
  • 50. …Be sure you can accept your customer’s preferred method of payment with confidence.
  • 51. Americans write checks for 1 out of 5 purchases over $100. Which is why we serve so many veterinarians.
  • 52. A lot of your treatment payments and monthly installments will come in the form of a check.
  • 53. Be sure you never turn one down mistakenly, risking all you’ve put into the relationship. We have the highest check approval rating in the industry.
  • 54. And we guarantee every check we approve. That means if one is returned, your revenue stays whole and we take care of the problem.
  • 55. After 32 years serving veterinarians across the country, we’ve bundled all the services you need into a single package.
  • 56. So before you head off to the conference, take care of your payments policies at home.
  • 57. Find out how here:
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