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Fake Check Challenge by CrossCheck - Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

Posted by Kevin Walli | Thu, Jul 24, 2014 @ 11:00 AM

Fake Check ChallengeThe lights go down and the crowd goes wild. Striding up to the mic, dangling in the spotlight hitting the center of the ring, the MC looks around intently until the crowd quiets just a little, giving him his cue:

"In the blue corner," he begins, "hailing from parts unknown are YOU! Savvy, book smart and streetwise, entrepreneurial, and a bare-knuckle business manager or owner, this is a fighter who doesn't take lightly being slipped bogus paper. With his training at its peak, and looking like he'll retain his title tonight, here's the... Fake Check Slugger!"

You enter the ring and the crowd cheers maniacally. You shadowbox for the show before the MC continues:

"Annnnd in the red corner, hailing from check fraudsters all around the country, tonight's challenger is 10 FAKE CHECKS! Washed, kited, smudged, mismatching, unsigned, even one from a Nigerian Prince, this terrible 10 looks to upset the heavyweight champion of personal finance and business cash flow. They must break you!"

"Now touch gloves and go to your corners."

Ding... Ding... Ding! Let's Get It On! Or, if you prefer MMA, It's Time!

So, what's wrong with each of these checks? (Answers at the end) 

Check Guarantee

Fake Check #1

Check with no MICR line

Fake Check #2
Check with mismatching check numbers
Fake Check #3
Check with no bank logo or address
Fake Check #4
Check with mismatching dollar amounts
Fake Check #5
check with extra routing number digits
Fake Check #6
check names do not match
Fake Check #7
Nigerian Prince Check
Fake Check #8
check with no security marks
Fake Check #9
check with no signature
Fake Check #10?
check with perforated edge
Check #1 - No MICR line
Check #2 - Check #'s in the upper right hand corner and MICR line don't match
Check #3 - No bank logo or address
Check #4 - Written and numeric dollar values don't match
Check #5 - 12 digits in the routing #, routing #'s are always 9 digits long
Check #6 - Account and signature names do not match
Check #7 - Unexpected source for an outrageous amount
Check #8 - No security padlock and right at the limit that raises suspicion
Check #9 - Not Signed
Check #10 - This check is not fake and will have a perforated edge after being torn from the register, which nearly all legitimate checks have.
How did you do? Are you down for the count? If so, read our fake check tutorial. Or maybe, Mills Lane is raising your hand in victory (posthumously, we know)? Leave a comment with your score.
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Written by Kevin Walli

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