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Auto Dealership Fun: Top Five Pickups for Tailgate Parties

Posted by Kevin Walli | Fri, Sep 30, 2016 @ 07:00 AM

auto dealership tailgate parties

It’s football season and with that comes some serious tailgating before the big games. The parking lot is full of cars, trucks and RVs getting their barbeques fired up for brats, burgers, steaks, dogs or whatever else is on the menu. A tailgate party requires an adequate set up with chairs, tables, cooler, grill, condiments and sometimes a TV to watch the pre-game shows. The right vehicle, especially one just driven off an auto dealership lot, makes it that much more enjoyable.

Inspired by a CARFAX article about the five best used cars for tailgating, we researched five popular pickups because they have a decided edge over cars in the realm of tailgating. These trucks supply the necessary space for transporting all the gear and provide additional inspiration for arriving in style.

This is not a “best of” list or ranking, so truck owners with brand loyalty need not feel their beloved chariot ranked below that of a rival. We welcome comments from consumers and auto dealership salespeople about their favorite tailgate pickup, specialty foods or tailgating necessities.

  1. Ford F150 - The best-selling truck for 35 years running, the F150 is a mainstay of the tailgate scene. The F150 also has a tailgate step which can be useful for loading and unloading heavy gear like barbeques and large coolers. The pickup has a new aluminum exterior which dropped 700 pounds from the previous model, thus increasing fuel economy.
  1. Chevy Silverado – Another frequent visitor to stadium parking lots, the Silverado offers 4G LTE Wi-Fi and the best fuel economy, towing capacity and payload in its class. The truck has a corner step rear bumper to aid the unloading of essentials. The Silverado Hybrid is outfitted with a 120-volt outlet that can power small appliances like a coffee maker or a blender. Now, why would a blender be useful at a tailgate party?auto dealership tailgate parties
  3. Honda Ridgeline – Comfortable and large enough to transport five middle linebackers, the Ridgeline boasts a large under-bed storage compartment and a dual-opening tailgate for easy access. Honda certainly had tailgating in mind when they redesigned the 2017 model. The Ridgeline boasts a 400-watt power inverter and a waterproof in-bed audio system that is perfect for hooking up a large flat-screen TV with a built-in audio system. Sweet!
  4. Toyota Tacoma – The Tacoma is Toyota's mid-size truck. Reliable and sporty, the Tacoma is ready to party. The crew cab model seats five adults in comfort and has an available 115V AC outlet mounted in the bed. If variety is what you crave, the Tacoma comes in 29 configurations in two cab types.
  5. Dodge Ram 1500 – The Ram features a unique Ram box storage system in each sidewall. The Ram box can hold 36 12-ounce beverages along with ice. Each Ram box comes with locks, lights, and a sensational drain plug. Since the Ram box is easily accessible, you can walk right up to the side of the truck and grab yourself a cold one. Crew cab models feature watertight compartments under the rear floor. Kelly Blue Book named the Ram as the best tailgating truck due to the Ram box, full-size truck bed, and available Wi-Fi.

This is only a partial list of our favorite trucks for ratcheting up tailgating parties. If one has “tailgate envy” and is in the market for a shiny new pickup, Multiple Check can help with the down payment. The program allows consumers to soften the blow of dropping a large chunk of change on a down payment by writing 2 – 4 checks to be deposited by the auto dealership within a 30-day window. Watch our free webinar to learn how Multiple Check can help place more tailgaters behind the wheel of a new truck.


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Written by Kevin Walli

Kevin Walli is an award-winning graphic designer with 18-plus years of experience in graphic design, web design and photography. Flexible and creative with an excellent sense of humor, Kevin enjoys spending time with his family, photography, reading, music and sports.