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Check Guarantee for Auto Repair: Just the Facts

Posted by Heather Brautman on Thu, Nov 14, 2013 @ 02:30 PM

CheckGuaranteeAutoRepairAuto dealers rejoiced over the October, 2013 industry sales reports that indicated a major uptick in new car sales. While this may not directly affect your own bottom line, the indirect line is an easy one to spot – more car buyers mean more potential customers for your auto repair shop.

With more customers comes more revenue, which is a good thing. But with more payments comes the potential for problems, including bad checks, as well as a drain on your staff’s time to process those payments. With check guarantee for auto repair shops, you can “check” those problems off your list.


Big or small, check verification and guarantee does it all. Whether you process a couple of payments a month or a couple of payments per customer a month, the beauty of check guarantee is that the use is up to you. There are no quotas or fees for underuse. (And of course, there are no penalties for processing lots of checks, either.) From coast to coast, from specialty shops to those who service any vehicle that can limp its way into the service bays, to brand-specific and dealer-affiliated, to mom and pop shops and massive franchises, check guarantee for auto repair is a fit for many.


Remote deposit capture helps reduce staff’s time by eliminating the need to go to the bank or even to keep bank hours. Wouldn’t you rather have your workers in the shop, doing what they were trained to do? You also get to take advantage of a COD program for parts and service, as well as Multiple Check, where your customers can pay with 2-4 checks over a month’s period of time, handy for those hefty service issues such as transmissions, collision, or engine work.


Reduce the likelihood of bounced checks with check verification. You may have considered making checks available as a payment option but worried about fees from returned or bad checks. Don’t miss out on the demographic of customers who really want to use checks as payments – grow your sales and revenue by broadening your customer base to include them. Check guarantee for auto repair lets you:

  • Accept more checks with greater peace of mind
  • Utilize your existing equipment or take advantage of loaner materials
  • Tap into live 24/7/365 customer support at no additional charge


Why wait? You could potentially miss out on a large segment of the population who wish to use checks to pay for their auto repairs, or you could – pun intended – service them. Keep in mind, bad weather in the winter months means the potential for more repairs, so be ready. Getting set up takes little time and the actual check guarantee process is a fraction of that! When’s the right time for you to save time making money? How about right now?


You’ve already taken the first step by getting this far. Now click our graphic below to receive a free guide to check guarantee. Learn all the information in non-techie terms and get started today!

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