Plus Sales Check Guarantee Service

When merchants fail to acquire approval from their existing check guarantee providers, they turn to CrossCheck’s Plus Sales, a specialized service that guarantees checks declined by the competition. Plus Sales helps merchants increase sales and mitigate risk while saving time and money.

What is Plus Sales?

Plus Sales is a stand-alone check guarantee service for merchants who are already contracted with another check guarantee provider. This service prevents lost revenue from declined checks.

How does Plus Sales work?

check guaranteePlus Sales is the ultimate backup plan for merchants after their current vendor declines a check for approval. The submission process is simple and can be completed easily without additional desktop equipment:

  1. Merchants phone CrossCheck’s 24/7 authorization line or visit the CrossCheck merchant portal to submit the check.
  2. Merchants receive an authorization number.
  3. The check is now guaranteed. If the check is returned from the bank unpaid, merchants submit it for reimbursement under the terms of their service agreement.

How much does Plus Sales cost?

CrossCheck charges a higher guarantee rate for Plus Sales than it does for services such as Standard Guarantee because the risks are noticeably higher when approving checks declined by other providers. The return on investment from Plus Sales, however, is undeniable given that it helps complete transactions that would otherwise be lost.

What are the benefits of Plus Sales?

CrossCheck takes on the risk and approves checks so merchants can complete the sale without worry. Other benefits include:

  • Avoid telling customers that a sale cannot be completed because their check was declined.
  • Increased sales and mitigated risk.
  • Fast check approvals to streamline the entire purchasing process.
  • Increased customer satisfaction equates to repeat business.

Who should use Plus Sales check guarantee?

Plus Sales is great for businesses who work in “now sales” such as auto dealerships, home furnishings stores, or any retailer that requires a large amount of money at the time of purchase. This is a great tool for owners or managers who are unhappy with sales reports showing an unacceptable number of declined checks even with a check guarantee service.

Contact us today for a free consultation or download our free guide to learn how Plus Sales can improve the overall sales at your business.

Plus Sales Check Approval Program Guide