Remote Deposit Capture - Calculator
How much can you save?

Implementing Remote Deposit Capture at your business may enable you to close more sales by accepting your customer’s preferred method of payment (especially for large purchases) while the convenience and cash flow acceleration can actually drive revenue and create opportunities.

Dealing with paper checks in the traditional way – preparing a package of paperwork and driving it to the bank – can be cumbersome and time consuming. Instead, why not get a guarantee that the revenue the check represents will come to you even if the check bounces, and why not deposit it into your merchant account right at your point of sale? It’s easy and we get you up and running right away with no-cost loaner equipment.

This calculator can help you estimate what you might save in wasted labor and fuel alone. How you invest the money you save and the time you create is up to you:

Remote Deposit Capture

Return on Investment Calculator

Our Assumptions:

  • It takes 1 minute to validate and deposit a check via RDC
  • Mileage costs $0.56 per mile (same as the allowance on your Federal Taxes)

User Inputs

How many hours does it take you to prepare checks for one physical deposit at the bank, including round-trip drive time?
(e.g.  .5 or 1.25 or 2.75)

Number of checks you handle every week:

Trips to the bank per week:

Mileage to and from bank:

Employee hourly wage:

RDC ROI Results

dollar billMoney Savings

In labor and milage you could save every year,
minus affordable RDC fees, which vary.

clockTime Savings

You now have additional hours to devote to revenue generating activities each year.