Stop Payment Collects Payments Even When You Can't

stop payment

Payment disputes happen from time to time due to customer and merchant disagreements over work quality, a bad experience or a misunderstanding by either party. In these situations, checks returned to merchants for stop payment are often the most difficult to collect and uncomfortable to deal with.

A Stop Payment service can be a simple way to increase sales at your business. With the service in place, returned checks can be submitted to a check service provider for reimbursement up to an agreed upon dollar limit.* This ultimately saves merchants the time and headache of trying to collect payment letting you focus more on your product or service.

With CrossCheck's Stop Payment service you receive:

  • Protection from Stop Payment check returns
  • Approval on out-of-town, out-of-state checks, even checks from Canada and U.S. territories
  • 24/7 Customer Service for account questions, technical support, set-up and training at no additional charge
(*Please see service agreement for complete terms and conditions.)