Accept Risk-Free Payments with Check Guarantee

What is Check Guarantee?

Check guarantee services protect merchants from incurring the financial loss of accepting bad, bounced or returned checks for reasons including insufficient funds (NSF), closed accounts, fake accounts, and stop payment orders issued by banks. 

The ‘Guarantee Factor’

CrossCheck recognizes the need for efficient, cost-effective solutions to check acceptance and processing as well as a range of enhancements for specific merchants and industries. This “Guarantee Factor” allows merchants to accept more checks and is ultimately better for their business. CrossCheck even approves checks declined by the competition!

How Does Check Guarantee Work?

CrossCheck provides two distinct types of Check Guarantee services.

With Standard Check Guarantee, merchants approve checks at the point of sale via phone, terminal or the CrossCheck web portal before making a deposit. If approved checks are returned from the bank unpaid, merchants mail the checks to CrossCheck for reimbursement.

Electronic Check Processing allows merchants to scan checks with check imagers before submitting them to CrossCheck via the web or a terminal. These merchants often receive funding within 48 hours without leaving their establishment. Electronic Check Processing may be conducted via Conversion or Remote Deposit Capture (RDC).

Both Standard Check Guarantee and Electronic Check Processing may be further enhanced with premium services to individualize merchant needs.*

Who Uses Check Guarantee?

Customers using Check Guarantee services include merchants in retail automotive, auto aftermarket, motor sports, home furnishings, heavy equipment, building supplies, and construction/renovation as well as medical, dental and veterinary offices.

What are the Benefits of Check Guarantee?

Check Guarantee helps increase sales and mitigate risk while saving time and money. CrossCheck offers the highest check approval rates in the industry and its Check Guarantee services are more cost effective than card processing services.

Check Guarantee benefits include:

  1. The approval of checks from anywhere in the country as well as Canada and U.S. territories.
  2. Complimentary account set-up, staff training, and equipment programming.
  3. Free Customer Service and Tech Support any time of day or night, even on major holidays.
  4. Optional enhancements offering individualization as well as greater protection and flexibility.
  5. Complimentary loaner equipment.

How Much Does Check Guarantee Cost?

Fees for Check Guarantee services are determined after CrossCheck considers factors such as the type of chosen service (Standard or Electronic), the merchant’s industry and risk, the number of checks they process per month, the number of returned checks and more. Check Guarantee fees cost less than card processing fees for comparable transactions. Contact us for a free consultation and monthly cost estimate.

How Much Does Check Guarantee Cost?


Standard Check Guarantee

Electronic Check Processing

Service Rate

Less than card processing fees

Less than card processing fees

Transaction Fee

Per Item

Per Item

Monthly Minimum 



Variables Merchant's industry, check volume, and grand total of all unpaid checks Merchant's industry, check volume, and grand total of all unpaid checks
Account Setup, Loaner Equipment, Customer Service & Tech Support No Charge No Charge
No More Bank Visits to Deposit Checks No Charge No Charge
 Not Accepting Checks Lost Revenue  Lost Revenue

How Long Does It Take to Set Up Check Guarantee?

Merchant accounts can be set up in as little as 24 hours after CrossCheck receives their signed service agreement. Setup time varies as a function of the services chosen by the merchant, the size of the merchant, and whether or not it has multiple locations processing checks.

Check Guarantee

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 *See service agreement for complete terms and conditions.