Plus Sales Check Approval Service

"Sales-Saving" Program when you need it most

This stand-alone guarantee program makes every sale count by turning “declined checks” into “approvals.” Use CrossCheck’s Plus Sales program along with your current provider. When you receive a decline from the “other guys,” have us approve the check. We’ll take the extra risk on what could possibly be a bad check. You’ll make the sale and avoid the embarrassment of telling a customer the check has been declined. 
Give it a try and we’ll prove it; request a free consultation today!
Plus Sales Check Approval Program



Easy Approval 

Should a check be returned, simply send it to us for processing and reimbursement under our warranty guidelines.
  • Approve customer’s checks with no additional equipment. 
  • Call our 24/7 customer service authorization line or log-on to our website. You’ll receive an approval number in seconds.


More Checks = More Sales

If you’re unsure about your check declines, take a look at your monthly statement.
  • Some check services refer to declined checks as “money saved,” “loss prevention,” or “declined savings.”
How can lost sales and upset customers save you money?
  • We turn “money saved” into “money in the bank!”


We Say Yes! More Often

CrossCheck’s Plus Sales program will save you sales that would otherwise walk out the door. 

  • Your checks can be approved in a higher percentage than any of our check guarantee competitors.



(*Please see service agreement for complete program details.)