MED-RDC: Electronic Check Processing for Patient and Insurance Payments

medical remote deposit capture

MED-RDC features all of the convenience of remote deposit capture check processing along with guarantee for patient payments and processing only for insurance payments, letting you choose the most cost-effective service for your practice.

Medical offices, dental offices, clinics, physical therapists and more can utilize this service to streamline payments through electronic processing but only pay for guarantee when it’s really needed. Checks are easily and quickly processed using a PC and imager. 

MED-RDC provides your medical office:

  • Guarantee features for patient payments*
  • Processing only for insurance payments
  • Checks are processed electronically from your office, eliminating trips to the bank and extra paperwork
  • Online reporting includes a daily "deposit slip," batch out report and advanced transaction reporting
  • Enhancements include Future Deposit, Stop Payment and Business Check acceptance
(*Please see service agreement for complete terms and conditions.)