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CrossCheck Joins the Florida Building Material Association

Posted by Tom Lombardo | Wed, Aug 05, 2015 @ 09:00 AM


Press Release
For Immediate Release: August 5, 2015

PETALUMA, Calif. – CrossCheck, Inc., a check guarantee company that’s been serving the construction industry for over thirty years, has become a member of the Florida Building Material Association

Building materials professionals and entrepreneurs conclude a significant portion of their business by accepting check payments, and so CrossCheck’s check guarantee service has become an essential part of their risk mitigation and business development. Guaranteeing the cash flow from checks usually secures a significant portion of a supplier’s revenue, enabling the supplier to focus on serving their customers and developing their business. 

Many suppliers also use other CrossCheck services to increase sales. The company’s C.O.D. service, for example, extends the guarantee to C.O.D. checks, enabling them to accommodate customers who need materials delivered without risking their revenue stream. 

Suppliers use CrossCheck’s Multiple Check service, commonly known as “hold check,” to match payments to a customer’s cash flow, closing additional business without financing or requiring a credit check. 

These and other services have made CrossCheck’s guarantee integral to the accounting department of hundreds of building materials companies nationwide. 

In fact, the Florida Building Material Association is the ninth builders’ association CrossCheck has joined. The company looks forward to bringing its services to FBMA’s members and to supporting the Association as it promotes the building industry in the state of Florida. 

“Protecting building materials businesses from risk to their cash flow has been one of our core services for thirty two years,” said J. David Siembieda, CrossCheck President and CEO. “We understand this industry and we’re proud to join FBMA to support their work promoting the building materials industry in Florida.” 

About FBMA 

The Florida Building Material Association, FBMA, had its inception in the minds of the pioneers of the building materials industry about the turn of the century, but was never carried to completion. The germ persisted with a group of millwork manufacturers meeting in Fort Pierce during a discussion of the Southern Sash Door and Millwork Manufacturers Association, a group of sash and door makers covering the Southern states. In 1920, the progenitor of the Florida Building Material Association, the Florida Lumber and Millwork Association was born. Since its inception, the FBMA has strived to promote the interests of the building material industry throughout the State of Florida. 

About CrossCheck, Inc. 

CrossCheck, Inc., an established leader in the payments industry, processes and approves billions of dollars worth of check transactions annually for retail and dealer outlets throughout the U.S. For more than 30 years, its goal has been to increase merchants’ profits by providing efficient and affordable check approval, guarantee and conversion services that can help increase sales and reduce risk. The company has offices in Petaluma, California, Phoenix, Arizona and Dallas, Texas. Their suite of services includes check conversion technology, ACH, web-based transactions and remote deposit capture products.


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Written by Tom Lombardo