Reduce Your Risk & Increase Sales with our Check Processing Services for Home Furnishings

Customize a Service to Fit Your Style

Choose from a variety of programs and service to fit the needs your business. Guarantee features and premiums such as Multiple Check can help reduce risk and increase sales.

Standard Guarantee

Your store can authorize checks in seconds by phone, credit card terminal or through the Internet. Should a check be returned, submit it for claims processing and reimbursement.*

Electronic Check Processing

With each authorized check, funds are electronically processed, uploaded and deposited into the merchant's account. Remote Deposit Capture, back-office conversion, check processing with recovery services, and guarantee features are all available.

Multiple Check Premium

Are your clients concerned about payment? Use our Multiple Check service along with Standard Guarantee. When payment is due, your clients can write 2 – 4 checks equaling the total amount.

Stop Payment Premium

Available with our Standard and Electronic Check Processing programs, this premium gives you the coverage you need for stop payment checks.

COD Premium

Phone order or delivery? Before you send out an order, authorize the check with us, then send out the order and collect the check knowing it’s guaranteed. This premium was designed to offer upfront protection for items and orders shipped or delivered.



(*Please see service agreement for complete terms and conditions.)