Check Processing Services Tailored for Automotive Sales

Drive More Sales with a Check Service in Place

CrossCheck is a leading provider of payment services to the automotive industry. Our check services and premiums offer many solutions for dealerships, parts and service departments and aftermarket shops.

C.A.R.S. - Auto Industry Remote Deposit Capture Solution
This service offers desktop conversion for electronic deposit without a trip to the bank. Claims and claims waiting periods are eliminated.

Multiple Check Premium

This check payment solution allows you to accept 2-4 checks from a customer to be deposited over a thirty day period.

Stop Payment Premium

Need protection against Stop Payment returns? Checks returned due to Stop Payment are often the most difficult to collect on.

Internet Approval

Check approval couldn’t be easier. Approve checks online from your desktop at our web site. Checks are approved in seconds.



(*Please see service agreement for complete terms and conditions.)