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When Fido Runs Free Veterinarian Bills Increase

Posted by Andrew Donahey | Thu, Aug 20, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

Veterinarian-Bills-Summer-IncreaseDogs and their humans may be spending even more time outdoors this summer since the winter was so brutal and fall is fast approaching. The dog that was happy to sit by the fireplace all winter may be ready to get out and run, whether in the back yard, around the neighborhood, or on vacation with the family. With kids out of school, pets may enjoy more playing time, and walks don't have to be canceled due to weather as often as they do during winter months. 

Here are some ways veterinary practices can keep pets and their owners happy -- and ensure healthy cash flow during busy summer months.

More puppies and kittens are born during spring and summer months and those that are adopted into loving homes will require vaccination, de-worming, and other veterinary care for the best start in life. 

But warm weather brings increased risks for pets.

Warm Weather Dangers for Pets

Fortunately, more people are aware of the great dangers of leaving dogs alone in a parked car, but heatstroke is still a summertime danger for dogs. Additionally, many people don't realize that their dogs can get sunburn, particularly if they're light-colored and have a thin coat. You can help put dog owners at ease by offering canine sunscreen and teaching them how to use it. 

Asphalt and pavement can burn dogs' foot pads. The danger is lower when dogs are walked early in the morning or after twilight.

You can help pet owners prevent dehydration in their dogs by selling watering stations and a selection of healthy wet food that allows dogs to take in more fluids during hot weather. Access to clean water at all times is essential for avoiding heatstroke and dehydration.

Grooming Needs in Warmer Weather

If your practice offers grooming services, you may see more business during the summer, when dogs are out running (and rolling) around more. Dogs with coarse or curly coats may experience matting that has to be clipped out as their winter coats are replaced with their summer coats. For dog owners who want to bathe their dogs at home, you can offer safe shampoos and a selection of flea and tick control products that will make keeping dogs comfortable easier on everyone. 

More Roaming Equals More Opportunities to Eat Something Icky

Veterinarian-Bills-Winter-IncreaseEvery dog owner has, at one time or another, caught their dog happily crunching away at something they found in the yard or the park. Often the problem is more off-putting than dangerous, but sometimes dogs ingest things they shouldn't. With more families going to dog parks and bringing pets on family activities like hiking and going to the beach, expect to see more dogs coming in with intestinal troubles.

When you offer your clients a variety of payment methods and use a trusted check guarantee provider, you make things easier on pet owners without jeopardizing your own cash flow. 

Fireworks and Dogs

People who acquired a dog since last Fourth of July may not realize how much fireworks frighten some dogs. It's not uncommon for dogs to escape their yards and run around in fear until all the noise is over. That, of course, increases the danger of finding something unpleasant and eating it, or being struck by a car.

When Dogs Accompany Their Humans on Vacation

More families take their dogs along on vacation as the travel industry becomes more pet-friendly. You can help make clients' vacations nicer and less stressful by offering a selection of travel bowls, travel snacks, and bedding to take along on vacation.

If you live in a popular tourist area, you may pick up more business from out-of-towners during the summer. Vacationers may be reluctant to pile even more charges onto their credit cards, but if you have a multiple check service, you can help them alleviate the high costs of emergency visits. 


Pets are full-fledged family members in many households, and a friendly veterinary practice that offers a range of products and services and accepts many different payment methods keep pet-owning families happier, particularly in summertime when pets are exposed to dangers they don't experience during the winter. 

When dog owners know they can pay by check, and especially when you offer a multiple check service, they're far more comfortable getting their pets the help they need when the unexpected happens. Veterinarians can increase their income without increasing their risk, and build customer loyalty that comes from knowing beloved pets have the care they need.

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