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Affordable Purchases at Tack Shops for Equestrian Athletes

Posted by Jessica Fernandez on Tue, Jul 18, 2017 @ 10:45 AM

Horse showing originated in the 1800s in Europe, featuring civilians and military men. This popular sport started off as a way for foxhunters to continue hunting as the British Parliament started fencing properties off. Horses began to jump these fences, and a few years later, the French and the English began to jump horses and show them off as a sport.

Like any sport, showing horses, racing horses and jumping horses boast dedicated and passionate athletes. The cost for these athletes to be fully prepared for a show, practice or competition is higher than most athletic events, considering that they’re not just buying for one athlete. Tack shops contain items for both the horse and human athletes, making it a one-stop destination that comes with a price.

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