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The Top 6 Resources to Help Veterinarians Be More Profitable

Posted by Andrew Donahey | Sat, Feb 20, 2016 @ 07:00 AM

veterinarian-graduate-student-debt.jpgWe see you over there, veterinarians! We know you to be hard working, compassionate, dedicated, driven and more. All told, you've got mettle, the right stuff. You've endured volunteering at shelters, AP science classes in high school, four years of pre-vet undergrad studies, the GRE, vet school applications, four years of veterinary school with King Kong sized debt averaging $135k, and the licensing exam. Whew ... now get a job, doc, but don't forget the oath first!

Whether you hung a shingle or joined an existing practice, it's time to show off your business acumen. Yes, we said business acumen, and if you don't have one, you better focus on developing one. It's not all birthin' puppies and spaying cats. The horror ... you may even have to develop a business plan. Everyone contributes to running a profitable practice, from reception to surgery, from individual contributors to doctors and owners, everyone. If business is done right, everyone profits too. We know that's music to your bank account because King Kong is on your back. 

To help you domesticate Kong, we've compiled a list of profit inducing resources:

1. The Palmetto state's own Dr. Andy Roark et al: "find and share humor, knowledge and wisdom in the practice of veterinary medicine". They don't stop there either. On the blog, you'll find articles on topics as diverse as developing your practice's mobile strategy to how veterinarians like their patient's owners to break up with them.



2. Don't focus on the product pitches and you'll find loads of good info on Life Learn's website, and in particular, their blog. They'll teach you everything you need to know about building and successfully running your veterinary practice, including marketing, sales, operations, training solutions and more. 



3. We're not breaking news here, but any list about running a successful veterinary practice would be remiss without DVM360. Road map, playbook, dare we say ... bible? DVM360 is a mother lode of information for veterinarians on how to best handle patients, pet owners, and employees.



4. Veterinary Practice News is chock full of practice management tips from Upping your Sign Game to the Pitfalls of an Ambulatory Veterinary Practice. While you are there, don't forget to sign up for a complimentary copy of their publication by the same name. 



5. No veterinarian worth his/her salt can run a successful practice without the AVMA as one of their go-to resources. On their site, they have actionable information for everyone in the care of animals ecosystem, including pet owners, veterinary students, vendors to the field, universities and large veterinary care systems.


6. When it comes to paying the bill, every pet parent needs payment options, especially when spot devours a T-Rex. Here's a tool that allows the customer to write two to four checks to be deposited by you over a 30-day period. There is no credit check, it is not a form of financing and we guarantee the revenue for you. It allows your customer's finances to catch up to the expenditure, which in many cases, is an emergency outlay. Click below to learn more.


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Written by Andrew Donahey

Marketing Director Andrew Donahey leads a dedicated group of digital marketing specialists that generates relevant content for the financial services sector. He also collects vintage “anything” and has a Golden Retriever kennel.