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The Tooth Fairy Helps Increase Dental Practice Profits

Posted by Andrew Donahey | Mon, Aug 24, 2015 @ 07:00 AM

Dental-Practice-ProfitsAll things being even, you chose the #1 best job in the United States, according to U.S. News & World Report’s 100 Best Jobs of 2015. Why though? Was it the median salary of $146k? Was it the work-life balance? Yes and yes, no doubt, but one reason really stands out. Because you are particularly compassionate, restoring your patient’s oral health and transforming their lives tops the list of reasons why you became a dentist. When you help someone smile, the whole world truly smiles. 

From your patient’s perspective, the transformation begins long before they’ve seen a dentist, with of all things, the Tooth Fairy. For you, the transformative process is now likely focused on how to become a better business person, how to maintain your business, how to grow it, and probably how to leave a legacy for your family and community. 

Believe it or not, increasing profits at your dental practice and the Tooth Fairy are finely interwoven. Seriously, keep reading. 

No two things influence how well a child cares for their teeth then how their parents feel about dental care and how much fun children have when caring for their teeth. Both make long lasting impressions in the minds of children and are the formative base for how well they will take care of their teeth in the future. Parents who care raise children who care. Mix care with fun and who knows, that child may become a dentist. So, when it comes to dental anything, besides laughing gas, what’s more fun than the Tooth Fairy? Nothing, and since you know your patient’s parents are caring, to increase profits, set up shop at the intersection of parents and the Tooth Fairy. Why, you ask? First, who is this Tooth Fairy, anyway? 

Dental-Practice-Tooth-FairyThe Tooth Fairy is magical, albeit scary in some cultures, no matter how you cut it. Apparently, so are baby teeth. During the Middle Ages, parents buried or burned baby teeth hoping a witch wouldn’t gain possession of them and the soul of the child who lost them. In Norse culture, baby teeth were worn as a good luck necklace by warriors on the battlefield. In some nations, the Tooth Fairy is in fact a mouse, or a rat. For nearly 150 years though, whether it’s a fairy, a mouse, or a fairy mouse, the “Tooth Fairy” leaves a gift in place of a tooth placed under the pillow of the child who lost the tooth. It may be a physical gift, money, or in some countries, a piece of candy. Candy? 

The Tooth Fairy is not just magic. The Tooth Fairy is also big business. First, there’s the gift. Parents shell out money for the gift, most often as cash. Ever wonder how much to give? Wonder no more because here’s a Tooth Fairy calculator. Ever wonder how much others gave? Visa did, and in 2013 they conducted the Tooth Fairy Survey, revealing that good old mom and dad are shelling out $3.70 per tooth. Second, there’s the swag. Ever seen a Tooth Fairy doll complete with a bag to carry teeth in? Every child needs a Tooth Fairy door by which the taker of teeth is transported. Third, there’s your business’ relationship with the Tooth Fairy. 


Influence parents to care, early and often. Influence parents to reinforce the best dental practices in their children, and influence them to encourage having fun in the process with things like, the Tooth Fairy, or conversely, even Crest’s Cavity Creeps. Parents will in turn reward your compassion we spoke of earlier with more preventative visits, more referrals and most importantly, a lifelong customer base in the form of their children, their children’s children, and so on. They will also trust your referrals for additional dental services and that will further strengthen your professional network. 

You’re compassionate. You’ve earned your degrees. You put out your shingle and your business is growing. Payments are rolling in, but at times, a couple of things bite into your profits. There’s the patient whose check payment is returned to you unpaid, and there’s the patient who can’t afford your services, usually because it’s an unexpected, unbudgeted emergency. Check guarantee is no myth and multiple check requires no magic, or credit check. One helps you sleep at night and keeps your cash flowing, the other, like the Tooth Fairy, helps increase profits. Let's start with increasing profits!

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Written by Andrew Donahey

Marketing Director Andrew Donahey leads a dedicated group of digital marketing specialists that generates relevant content for the financial services sector. He also collects vintage “anything” and has a Golden Retriever kennel.