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The AACD: a Wealth of Resources for Cosmetic Dentistry

Posted by Isabella Passey on Wed, Oct 18, 2017 @ 04:38 PM

cosmetic dentistryThe American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) is dedicated to achieving greatness in the industry of comprehensive cosmetic dentistry and promoting high standards of ethical conduct and dependable patient care. AACD does this by providing exceptional educational opportunities and important information to both the profession and the public. AACD also supports a well-respected accreditation credential and serves as a forum for the exchange of new ideas and expertise in the field.


As a member of the AACD, dentists are granted access to the industry’s principal continuing education. Members also obtain other benefits such as receiving discounts on products and services created to save them money and time. Listed below are some of the other benefits that members receive:

  • Network of adept and skilled experts
  • Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Dental CE
  • Patient Education Video Content
  • AACD Weekly eUpdates
  • AACD Affiliation Certificate

Accreditation & Fellowship

The accreditation process developed by the AACD is one of the world’s most progressive and accepted industry programs that provides dentists an opportunity to further their education and improve their skills in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Accreditation is comprised of a written examination, a submission of clinical cases and an oral examination. Benefits include:

  • cosmetic dentistryRight to promote accredited member status
  • Preferred listing within the online referral directory
  • Public relations efforts for individual dentists from the AACD Executive Office
  • Eligibility to run for one of five designated seats on the AACD Board of Directors, and the right to run for ABCD and Executive Committee positions
  • Entitlement to vote for certain positions (ABCD and NALDC)
  • Opportunity to pursue AACD Fellowship

Fellowship is the highest achievement recognized by the AACD, providing the Fellowship/Accreditation Committee the ability to evaluate the continuation of clinical merit and responsibility by accredited members. Only accredited members can apply for fellowship through the process of the submission and payment of the application as well as meeting a clinical requirement.

Cosmetic Dentistry Education

cosmetic dentistryAACD provides a variety of services and products to educate the industry’s professionals. It does this by presenting opportunities such as the annual scientific session, the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry (a peer-reviewed journal), virtual dental education course, and other events taking place throughout the year.

AACD 2018 Chicago, the 34th Annual Scientific Session, is an annual conference that gives dentists a mechanism to trade ideas and gain new information on topics like materials and methods, cosmetic dental practice development, clinical procedures and self- enrichment. Below are some other continuing dental education tools:

  • AACD Virtual Campus
  • Dental XP


The AACD supplies cosmetic dentists with an array of resources including the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry (jcd). The scientific work is a peer-reviewed journal and AACD’s main publication that presents the most current information in the industry. It’s also been voted as the AACD’s #1 member benefit as well as one of the leading publications in the industry.

Midline Clinical Newsletter is the AACD’s e-newsletter that updates their members once a month on clinical news through a visual and interactive layout that present the most current clinical techniques.

The Newsroom is the AACD forum for featured stories in categories such as clinical insights, Practice Management & Marketing, AACD News, and Health & Beauty.

Give Back A Smile

cosmetic dentistryThe AACD Charitable Foundation has created a program called Give Back A Smile. It is designed to help heal the effects of sexual and domestic abuse by restoring the smiles of women and men who have obtained injuries from former partners or family members because of sexual assault.

The AACD is an organization that supplies dentists with products, services, knowledge and education to help them succeed as in their own practice as well as the industry.

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