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Plus Sales Check Processing Service Increases Revenue

Posted by Joe Gargiulo | Mon, Mar 07, 2016 @ 11:00 AM

There are guarantees in life and then there are guarantees. It’s all about where the emphasis is placed, and in some cases, the person or organization vowing to the fulfillment. CrossCheck’s Plus Sales Check Approval Service falls into the second category because it goes above and beyond where no check guarantee company has gone before.

ThinkstockPhotos-82186105.jpgPlus Sales is a stand-alone guarantee program that turns declined checks into approvals. Merchants use it in conjunction with their existing check guarantee service. If a primary provider declines a check approval, Plus Sales fills the gap between lost revenue and a completed sales transaction.

The program is easy to activate and use without adding new office hardware. Merchants contact CrossCheck via its 24/7 authorization line or website to receive an authorization number. If the check is returned at a later date, then the merchant submits it for processing and reimbursement under warranty guidelines.

According to the 2013 Federal Reserve Payments Study, 64 million checks were returned unpaid in 2012 with an average value of $1,222 per check. Those figures represent considerable lost revenue for checks going uncollected, and even more for merchants paying for a check guarantee service that fails to provide comprehensive solutions.

The effectiveness of Plus Sales is based on CrossCheck’s 33 years of providing check guarantee to tens of thousands of merchants across the U.S. CrossCheck takes the extra risk on what might have otherwise been a bad check. The merchant makes the sale and avoids the embarrassment of telling the customer their check was declined, or even worse, losing their future patronage.

CrossCheck’s primary goal in any partnership is not solving bad check problems, but rather, providing tools that can help merchants increase sales and reduce loss at the point of sale. While some check guarantee providers refer to declined checks as “money saved,” “loss prevention” or “declined savings,” CrossCheck’s Plus Sales service morphs money saved into money earned. It’s that good.

Plus Sales is a powerful sales tool for owner-operators or general managers who are displeased with monthly sales reports showing a disproportionate number of declined checks despite having a guarantee service. Make every sale count with Plus Sales Check Approval Service. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn how Plus Sales can increase sales revenue at your place of business.


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