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NADA Pro Series Provides Automotive Management Training

Posted by Joe Gargiulo | Fri, May 25, 2018 @ 08:45 AM
automotive management trainingDealerships now have automotive management training at their disposal. The National Automobile Dealers Association’s Professional Series offers a “learn from the best and forget the rest” combination of classroom and online training at three US locations: Cerritos, Calif.; Dallas, Tex.; and Tysons, Va. The training is tailored to the needs of new and up-and-coming department managers working in sales, office, parts and service. Classes begin June 2018.

“NADA is the only organization in the country that offers a full training program to give dealership managers the tools they need to run a profitable department,” said Peter Fong, NADA senior vice president of dealership operations. “And very few, if any in the industry, offer training for office managers.”

Each of the four certifications offer two days of classroom training in Core Competencies, two days of  classroom training in Leadership Foundations, eight hours of self-paced online courses in Human Resources Foundations, and eight hours of self-paced online courses in DMS Applications.

“The courses only require an employee to be away from the dealership twice for a total of four days, and participants can complete the program in as few as three months,” wrote Charles Cyril, NADA’s director of media and public relations in a May 16 press release.

Sales Manager

automotive management trainingThe Professional Series phase of this module begins with sales manager training that instills Core Competencies enabling individuals to proactively contribute to the dealership revenue stream, business planning, inventory management, and human resources.

During the Leadership Foundations phase, candidates learn about the DISC method (dominance, influence, steadiness and conscientiousness) of personal assessment and interpersonal communication. They also study the SMART method of attaining goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound) as well as leadership techniques, time management and priority analysis.

Recapitulating on the HR knowledge garnered in Core Competencies, the Human Resources Foundations phase “uncovers the correlation between people and profit” before reviewing effective onboarding programs.

The DMS Applications phase provides training on the dealer management systems, the primary tool of auto dealership managers.

Note: NADA offers identical descriptions for the Leadership Foundations, Human Resources Foundations and DMS Applications certifications, but departmental variations within each module would be realistic.

Office Manager

The Core Competencies phase of this module discusses reconciliation techniques in the context of inventory expense before transitioning to (1) the analysis of dealership financial statements and KPIs; (2) the application of financial trends; (3) mastering the three-day closing of monthly financial statements; and (4) developing best practices for deal processing, repair order work flows, parts reconciliations and inventory control.

automotive management training

Parts Manager

Core Competencies for parts managers include learning how to compete in respective markets, maximizing parts turnover rates and reducing obsolescence, developing parts department processes that support the dealership vision, managing inventory to improve profits and customer satisfaction, and finally, understanding the financial metrics that can improve department profitability.

Service Manager

The Core Competencies phase for service managers is similar to the Parts Department module: individuals receive instruction in market competition and developing service processes that support the dealership vision. From there, they branch off into optimizing service department operations for profit, harnessing new service potential and improving customer satisfaction. Finally, they will be taught how to recapture lost customers and retain new customers for continual service improvement (CSI).


The 2018 introductory price of automotive management training is $2,995 per module for NADA members and $3,495 for nonmembers.

Other Tools for Automotive Management Training

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