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Minority Auto Dealers Convene at 2018 Annual Membership Meeting

Posted by Joe Gargiulo | Wed, Jun 27, 2018 @ 12:45 PM

minority auto dealersThe National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers (NAMAD) presents its annual membership meeting July 10 – 14 at Sheraton Grand Chicago for a nationwide network of minority auto dealers. The trade event offers membership meetings, workshops, social engagement and one-on-one meetings between dealerships and manufacturers. CrossCheck's Senior VP Charles Dortch III will attend the meeting and is available to discuss how dealers can mitigate risk, save time and money, and increase sales with the C.A.R.S. program (details below).

NAMAD is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization committed to pursuing the meaningful presence and participation of minority businesses and diversity among employees across all aspects of the American automotive industry.

Its objectives include increasing the number of US minority-owned dealerships, advocating workplace and supplier diversity in the automotive manufacturing environment, and supporting minority engagement in the automotive retail and service sectors.

minority auto dealersNAMAD offers three levels of membership:

  • Premier — Minority owners of dealerships
  • Affiliate — Each additional location owned by minority auto dealers
  • Dealer Candidate — Individuals aspiring to become a dealer and/or does not have ownership greater than 51 percent
  • NextGen — Individuals who are 21 years of age or older, the son or daughter of a member, and in management positions


Staying true to its title and roots, the NAMAD Annual Membership Meeting presents three important assemblies addressing important agendas: NextGen 20 Group (a closed session for 20 Group members); Member Only Town Hall Meeting; and the NextGen Business Meeting (a vision and planning session for NextGen members).


The second most important offering at the NAMAD Annual Membership Meeting is education, including a diverse group of workshops ranging from 45 minutes to over two hours in duration.

“Global Economic and Financial Market Outlook” is scheduled for Tuesday, July 10 with speaker Dr. Anthony Chan, the Chase chief economist.

minority auto dealersThe Wednesday, July 11 workshops begin with “The Conversation Between Women and Men in the Workplace.” This timely event discusses “how to create safe and healthy work environments” with focus points entailing “what women and men think about what the lines are and what constitutes acceptable office protocol.”

The NextGen workshop “Maximizing Customer Communication – Management by Strengths” focuses on “building communication skills and how to better recognize one’s own temperament.”

In “Tax Reform — What Dealers Need to Know,” attendees will learn how the new tax reform law affects businesses and individuals, and ways to capitalize on the new tax laws.

The “Optimizing Your Sourcing Strategy to Drive Greater ROI” workshop concentrates on human resources. “Attendees will learn how to source and hire the best of the best via a multi-channel sourcing strategy” that includes:

  • How to apply existing consumer concepts to a hiring strategy
  • How to reduce recruiting budgets with effective sourcing practices
  • An overview of key benchmarks and how to track performance and acquisition costs

minority auto dealersThe Thursday Breakfast Workshop “How to Detect Deception” feeds the brain as well as the body. Acknowledging that “approximately 80 percent of communication is expressed non-verbally,” minority auto dealers will be taught “how to unlock and tap the secrets of people’s nonverbal cues” to create business advantages. They will also study the perfect time to close deals or negotiations, and how body language is influencing employers and impacting promotions and careers.

minority auto dealersTwo other Thursday workshops address revenue and sales.

“A 4-Part Plan To Minimize Margin Compression” covers diminishing sales, rising overhead, chronic turnover and reduced dealership valuations. “In this workshop, vAuto founder Dale Pollak details a way forward for dealers who want to maximize their performance and profitability in a more challenged marketplace.” It also “outlines four areas of current operational inefficiency that every dealer should address to remain relevant and viable in the years ahead.”

Finally, “Car buyers in 2018: by the Numbers” discusses key data sources such as (1) “what car shoppers expect and what they actually find during their research; (2) data on real-world car buying patterns and activities; and (3) insights into how larger industry trends will shape the rest of 2018 for dealers.”

Networking Events for Minority Auto Dealers

NAMAD’s annual membership meeting has ample opportunity for rest and relaxation with peers, food and libations. Minority auto dealers are invited to attend socials such as the NAMAD NextGen Reception, General Session Breakfast, Chairman’s Reception-Fireworks Cruise aboard the Odyssey, Thursday Speaker Luncheon, Awards Dinner and AfterGlow Party with DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Sales Tools for Minority Auto Dealers

minority auto dealersArmed with new approaches to interpersonal communications and sales tools, minority auto dealers can hit the ground running after they return home with CrossCheck’s dynamic C.A.R.S. program (CrossCheck's Auto Industry RDC Solution).

Using Remote Deposit Capture as a foundation, C.A.R.S. electronically processes and deposits checks with guaranteed funding to business accounts in 48 – 72 hours. The package also includes (1) the Multiple Check premium that gives buyers 30 extra days to complete down payments; and (2) the Check on Delivery premium that eliminates returned checks.

Dealers using C.A.R.S. don’t waste time on claims submissions, bank visits to deposit checks, missed deposit dates and the need to collect bad checks.

C.A.R.S. is easy to use with existing office equipment or no-cost loaner equipment provided by CrossCheck. In addition, 24/7/365 customer service and tech support are included at no additional charge.

Download the free C.A.R.S. Insiders Guide to learn how C.A.R.S. can help increase sales at your dealership.

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Written by Joe Gargiulo

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