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Free Customer Service at CrossCheck

Posted by Joe Gargiulo on Wed, Dec 13, 2017 @ 12:22 PM

free customer service“Free customer service” — sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?

Customer service has been free at CrossCheck since its inception in 1983, but it has taken considerable effort to provide merchants with useful information year after year, day or night, and even on major holidays. In an era when quality merchant support is a vanishing entity, CrossCheck’s Customer Service department remains committed to providing individualized assistance to every merchant.

The quality of the free customer service can be attributed to the dedication of a veteran management team conducting hands-on supervision and quality control measures to ensure uncompromising standards of excellence.

Each representative must complete an initial training program lasting up to three weeks via classroom instruction, practice sessions and real-time customer assistance under the watchful eye of a Customer Service Supervisor. The entire process represents a tremendous learning curve to achieve the high level of satisfaction that longtime CrossCheck merchants have grown accustomed to receiving.

Behind the Scenes of Free Customer Service

Week One, Day One

New recruits begin their week of one-on-one training by learning about CrossCheck and the process of check guarantee, and logging in and out of software and phone systems. They learn about philosophies mentioned in the Customer Service Training Manual, including:

  • free customer serviceThe quality of customer service is job #1.
  • The goal of “one-call resolution.”
  • Become a customer service professional, not one who just works in customer service.
  • Teamwork is our success.
  • Ask questions.
  • Working with change.

The training transitions to factors that positively affect merchants such as free customer service, custom designed programs to suit specific merchant needs, CrossCheck’s state-of-the-art technology and equipment compatibility.

Recruits learn that checks are accepted from all U.S. States and Territories as well as Canada and about the various verticals benefiting from CrossCheck’s suite of services: auto dealerships, motorsports, auto aftermarket, home furnishings, building materials, floor covering, and dental and veterinary offices.

From there, trainees learn about merchant options, including an introduction to Standard Check Guarantee and Conversion; check processing access such as interactive voice response (IVR), merchant terminals and the web; check readers and check imagers; and much more.

Next, the importance of protecting merchant accounts is discussed in relation to CrossCheck’s Clean Desk Policy, confirming the authenticity of incoming calls, and the documentation of all phone conversations.

Week One, Day Two

free customer serviceThe second day of training starts with a review of day one, then Q&A, followed by a detailed explanation of Account Implementation (AI) — the department responsible for onboarding new accounts, ensuring they are operational and conducting merchant training. Focus areas include the New Merchant Welcome Letter, Merchant Kit (instructions, Tip Cards, etc), equipment (if needed) and an Executed Service Agreement. (See “Onboarding Large Merchants with Electronic Check Processing” for a detailed explanation of AI.)

Trainees are also introduced to two of CrossCheck’s most popular premium services:

  • Multiple Check helps increase sales by providing customers short on cash up to 30 extra days to make down payments.
  • Check on Delivery (COD), a service used extensively by auto dealership parts departments, mitigates risk by eliminating returned checks.

Week One, Day Three

After a quick review of past instruction, day three continues where day two left off — a detailed study of popular services:

  • Standard Guarantee — A simple and economical way to increase revenue and reduce risk.
  • C.A.R.S. — CrossCheck’s Auto Industry Remote Deposit Capture service that electronically processes and deposits checks with guaranteed funding to business accounts in one to three business days.
  • MED-RDC and VET-RDC — RDC service packages especially designed for medical, dental and veterinary offices.

Week One, Day Four

After review and Q&A, the fourth day of training entails the merchant billing process (specifically how and when merchants are sent monthly statements), the types of accepted payments, and billing adjustments. Needless to say, it is critical for Customer Service reps to understand all of these processes to properly address merchant concerns and make necessary corrections such as credit or refunds.

Trainees also learn how to fix merchant errors such as incorrect check numbers and amounts, store numbers, deposit dates and more.

free customer service

Week One, Day Five

The final day of week one begins with review and more Q&A. Next, trainees are taught the details of the claims process — specifically how merchants submit claims, how claims are processed, and information about funding, returns and documentation.

As with all previous phases of training, new hires receive hands-on experience with the CrossCheck merchant management platform in order to prepare them for delivering the finest level of customer experience.

Week Two, Days One through Three

The second week of training moves from the classroom to the Call Center floor where new hires observe, monitor and document live inbound merchant phone calls taken by trainers. Time is allotted for Q&A, enabling new hires to drill down to particular areas for greater insight.

Week Two, Days Four and Five

free customer serviceThe week continues with role reversal: new hires take inbound calls and document the interactions while trainers observe and offer advice.

Finally, the team spends the last two hours setting up the new hire’s work station and preparing them for the following Monday morning when they take their first unassisted calls. While most new employees complete training in two weeks, some require a third week in continuation of week two.

At some point in the training process, new hires will visit tech support for a demonstration on the most popular check imagers. CrossCheck’s tech support department is responsible for shipping equipment to new merchants or programming existing equipment to make it compatible with CrossCheck services.

The goal, of course, is for merchants to process checks in a fast and efficient manner, all with the support of 24/7/265 free customer service. CrossCheck has been helping merchants increase sales, mitigate risk and save time and money for over 34 years. Download our free guide, Choosing a Check Service, to learn which one is best for your organization.

choosing check service

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