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Conference Targets Managers of Dental Offices

Posted by Harrison Friedes | Tue, Jun 12, 2018 @ 09:38 AM

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My first grade self was in the back of mom's car. As usual, I was contemplating what I could do to earn my freedom from the unwanted tasks my parents kept serving me. A conference for managers of dental offices was the furthest thing from my mind.

“Hey Mom? Why do we have to brush our teeth?"

Mom answered, "Because … your teeth will rot if you don't."

On principle, I wasn't willing to let that sit: "Cavemen didn't and they were fine!"

I sat back, anticipating permanent liberation from dental hygienic practices.

"Yeah," Mom replied, "and cavemen died at 30."

That day, I learned that (1) being a caveman was no longer a realistic opportunity for my future; and (2) teeth and dentists are important. Enter the 14th Annual Dental Management Conference on July 19 – 21 in San Antonio, Texas — an excellent choice for continuing education units (CEU), networking opportunities, and learning invaluable material in the company of other managers of dental offices.

Sessions for Managers of Dental Offices

dental officesAccording to the American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM) Founder and President Heather Colicchio, this year’s conference will have more than 800 attendees from around the country and 105 total exhibiting companies.

AADOM has built a reputation for having highly enthusiastic members who treat all newcomers with a strong welcoming spirit. And the entire dental association conference is centered around a single foundation: getting return on investment at dental offices.

There are over 50 unique sessions to choose from, so attendees can tailor their conference experience directly to their business needs. Read ahead for the inside scoop on this year’s most well-regarded speakers.

Be Ready with the Latest Dental News

The AADOM podcast enables attendees to learn more about the group environment, all while getting relevant business tips from some of AADOM’s most passionate and well-informed members.

More conference information is included in the online Newsletter or the print magazine, Observer. In addition, the 2018 Practice Administrator of the Year, announced at conference, is featured on the magazine cover and receives a $1,000 prize as well as free tuition for next year’s conference.

New to Dental Office Management?

dental offices

For attendees just starting out in management, there are two must-see conference sessions.

Teresa Duncan, MS, FAADOM, is giving a talk on dental insurance called “The Accidental Insurance Coordinator.”  She gives an honest account of the trials and tribulations of being placed in charge of the insurance policy for her office without being given the benefit of all the relevant training. What does one learn from such a situation?

Only Teresa Duncan can say for sure, but Colicchio herself describes Duncan as “the best and one of the most highly sought out insurance speakers that there is.”

dental offices

The next speaker, the beloved Laura Hatch, FAADOM, is a long-time AADOM favorite. Best known for her charming and straightforward speaking style, Hatch presents the lifesaving and stress-reducing talk, “You’re in this position, now what?” She will also provide guidance for the first 30 days of a managerial career as well as important topics such as how to manage peers and which specific reports are needed to stay on top.


Kelly Swanson, this year's keynote and motivational speaker, is one of the most committed and passionate storytellers at this year’s dental association conference. Swanson believes it’s important for everyone to have a story.

She'll help attendees look at their own reflection to discover a unique story by demonstrating how she does the same for herself. Expect plenty of laughs and a nice communal bath of joy, honesty and desire to strive even harder.

Other Tools for Dental Offices and Managers

Dental office managers may not be mentioned in today's comic book superhero movies, but most people know the best heroes always go undetected. 

dental offices

After returning home from the dental association conference, attendees can apply their new tools to increase sales revenue, and maybe save a life or two with superhero practices, some of which are offered in conjunction with CrossCheck.

With CrossCheck’s Multiple Check program in place, dental patients short on cash write 2 – 4 checks for the same procedure without using or applying for credit. Multiple Check also benefits dental offices since they receive guaranteed funding as each check is deposited over a 30-day period on dates selected by patients.

Dental offices can leverage Multiple Check to increase revenue by providing patients with an easy and affordable way to pay for costly dental procedures.

Download our free “Multiple Check Insider’s Guide” today to learn how it benefit your dental practice.New Call-to-Action

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Written by Harrison Friedes

Inbound Marketer with Crosscheck, dedicated to giving you clear and informative content that will add to your business practices.