Check Processing White Papers

CrossCheck offers the following FREE white papers to help businesses and automotive dealers adapt to changing market conditions to increase sales. Click below to download.

 auto dealer white paper, increase vehicle sales

"Selling Cars in a Radically Evolving Market"

Throughout history there have been 3 big auto industry disruptions that effected vehicle development. For dealers to sell more cars in a constantly evolving market, they must learn to adapt. In addition to the 3 biggest disruptions, download this white paper to learn:

  • Why "dealership leadership" plays a vital role for future success
  • Are electric cars really greener?
  • ... and more!
role of checks in a digital world, check payments

"The Role of Checks in a Digital World"

Digital payments are becoming more widespread, but traditional check payments are still in high demand. Based on our learnings from the Federal Reserve, read the white paper to learn:

  • Who continues to write checks, and for what items
  • Why checks' value still remains high, and it's increasing
  • What check fraud methods are most harmful to businesses

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