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Build Expo USA Frames Construction and Building Materials

Posted by Joe Gargiulo on Wed, Jan 17, 2018 @ 12:00 PM

building materialsBuild Expo, the nation’s premiere construction and building materials show, features dozens of industry leading seminars and hundreds of exhibitors in the five 2018 locations: Austin, Dallas, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Houston. Attendees include architects, engineers, designers, contractors, developers, government and military who will participate in tradeshows and free educational sessions. Seminar sessions and exhibitor categories vary by show.

From the exhibiting company perspective, the event provides ample opportunity to conduct market research and brand building while enriching customer relationships and potential sales. Exhibitor categories include architectural metals, building materials, cabinets, doors and windows, concrete, contractor equipment, elevators, fire protection, flooring, green products and materials, HVAC, irrigation systems, stone, roofing materials, vehicle and equipment rentals, storage tanks and more.

Locations and Dates

The show dates and locations are as follows:

  • Austin (Jan. 24 – 25), Austin Convention Center
  • Dallas (Feb. 7 – 8), Kay Bailey Hutchison Center
  • Los Angeles (Mar. 14 – 15), LA Convention Center
  • Atlanta (July 11 – 12), Georgia World Congress Center
  • Houston (Aug. 15 – 16), Houston NRG Center

The series also offers a wide variety of seminar topics in categories along several knowledge points: sales building materialsstrategies, marketing, green building, LEED, business management, construction law, federal contracting, web marketing, lead conversion, construction management, construction finance, decorative concrete, fleet management and AIA accredited sessions.

Morning sessions begin at 9:30 am while keynote addresses begin at 1 pm. All educational sessions are complimentary and seating is limited (organizers suggest registering online to ensure a seat).

Austin Seminars

The Austin educational programming kick off a core group of sessions that will be repeated in other cities as noted. Here are thumbnails of the most notable.

Maximizing Associations to Gain Customers (also in Dallas, LA, Atlanta and Houston)

Conducted by sales training guru Tom Woodcock, this session is intended to help contractors choose trade organizations that can help them with new business development. It also looks at ways to network within them and other areas of involvement.

Woodcock presents three other sessions in Austin: “Beating the Low Bid Game: Closing Deals in Construction” (all cities), “Sharpen Your Sales Tools” (Dallas, LA and Houston), and “10 Common Mistakes in Construction Selling” (Dallas, LA and Houston).

*Google Partner* Learn Exactly What You Should Know About Your Website (also in Dallas, LA and Houston)

This session is presented by Joshua Ramsey of Strategic Point Marketing, and looks at search engine optimization, online visibility and web traffic.

building materials

Access Ladders: OSHA, ANSI and IBC Design Criteria and Applications (also in Dallas and LA)

This session (presented by Gabrielle White of Precision Ladders) is focused on fixed access ladders, discussing the fixed ladder types, applications for each type, applicable building codes, and ways to specify the type needed as a function of application and building codes.

Healthy Buildings, Healthy People (also in Dallas and LA)

“Sustainable construction is not just about the materials chosen or the recycling plan,” says presenter Sarah Andrews, a faculty member of the US Green Building Council.  “Because we spend so much time inside, the indoor environment plays an important role in our everyday lives.” Her presentation (eligible for 1.5 CE hours for GBCI accreditation) focuses on sustainable construction systems that engender health, comfort and productivity.

Flat Roofing Systems Design

This seminar demonstrates how to design effective roofing systems with 25-year warranties on labor and building materials. Presenter Mark Franz of Armadillo Roofing & Exteriors intends to reveal a proven roofing system “which virtually guarantees that is will not leak.”

Dallas and Los Angeles Seminars

In addition to the sessions mentioned under the Austin heading, there are several compelling topics to be building materialsdiscussed in both Dallas and Los Angeles.

Basements and Soil Movement Resistant Foundations

Presenter Tom Werling of North Texas Basements demonstrates the many benefits of building a home with a basement, including the elimination of foundation issues due to soil movement. His session also covers the key components for basement construction and what builders need to know about national standards.

Ins and Outs of Construction Contracts Provisions – Know Before You Sign

In this seminar, Kelly M. Davis of KMDA, LLC discusses “the most frequent contract clauses used in the construction industry which often lead to unforeseen liability. Not only will you learn the clauses' meaning, but you will also learn the potential consequences to agreeing to the inclusion of these clauses in your contract.”

Preparation for Government Contracting

This session is targeted at the advanced contractor who plans to prepare a technical proposal. Presenter Gregory M. James is the director of the Cross Timbers Procurement Center (CTPC) at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) Office of Research. “Although construction is used as an example, other service contractors will benefit from this course. We discuss in detail what clients need to know in order to assemble and prepare a federal government technical proposal using construction as the examples. However, the principal is the same regardless solicitation and how to prepare a Technical Proposal for that solicitation.”

More Los Angeles Sessions

 Improved Window and Door Flashing Design

Presented by Jason Blacklock of the Henkel Corporation, this session reviews the current building industry focus on window and door flashing installation in relation to durability and energy. Subtopics include:

  1. A discussion of how energy conservation influenced envelope design and performance to increase the need for moisture protection
  2. The 2009 and 2012 International Code requirements for window and door flashing
  3. Definitions of wall, window and door types
  4. A breakdown of best practices for window and door flashing

How to Handle Impairment, Substance Use, and Addiction in the Workplace

building materialsThis section will discuss the definition of impairment, substance abuse and addiction, and how these terms are used within the context of workplace liability. Presenter Andrew Martin of CW Alliance, Inc  will cover how the law addresses impairment, substance abuse and addiction within the workplace as well as ADA protections. It will also summarize effective drug testing policies and procedures as well as the legal ramifications of these programs. Next, it will identify the signs of worker impairment and how to intervene on workers who appear impaired. Finally, it discusses how to mitigate employer liability and the correct way to help when an employee needs substance abuse and/or addiction assistance.

Atlanta Educational Sessions

The Atlanta sessions include those mentioned under the above Austin heading as well as the following descriptions. More sessions are expected.

Construction Nuts and Bolts

Many contractors have never been instructed on the basics of selling in their industry states the session description. “They regularly make the same mistakes over and over again, losing them project after project. Often, they've neglected to develop a method to their sales madness and shoot from the hip. This can result in poor performance, low profitability or worse, failure.” Presenter Tom Woodcock will cover proper sales discipline, setting targets, maintaining customers, expanding customers and profit focused selling.

The Houston sessions booked as of this writing are covered under the above Austin heading; more are anticipated before the shows kicks off in August.

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