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Medical Pros: Buy in Multiples - Offer Multiple Payment Options

Posted by Brandon Weaver on Thu, Apr 24, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

Healthcare Remote Deposit CaptureIf you manage a single location, prompt care unit, specialized medical facility, or regional network of hospitals, there are medical supplies you purchase in multiples, regularly, to keep your facility running.

Your business isn’t all about supplies -- Patch Adams helps his patients cure their ailments through laughter and positive thinking -- but medical supplies and medicine are needed to provide the level of care your patients deserve. Naturally, to control those costs you seek out discounts for buying in multiples.

Germ Stoppers: Surgical Masks and Gloves

For example there’s no underestimating the importance of eliminating the spread of germs. That is why you constantly wash your hands and wear exam gloves and masks. These are probably the first things you put on before you care for patients, and rightfully so. Buying masks and gloves in multiples helps keep your medical facility more germ-free.

Keepin’ It All Together: Bandages (Band-Aids, Gauze, Medical Tape)

If masks and gloves are used before care is given, then often bandages are used to complete a procedure. Whether you’re giving patients a flu shot, patching up a flesh wound, removing stitches or re-taping a sprained ankle, these supplies are essential to just about everything you do. Again, you try to control costs by buying in multiples.

Give and Take: Syringes and Needles

Medical RDCGiving flu vaccinations, drawing blood, and administering injections are the most common activities requiring syringes and needles. The release of the new flu vaccine or a blood drive may cause you to use these more in a short time frame compared to your normal operations. But either way, syringes and needles go hand in hand. What good is a needle without the syringe, and vice versa? One cannot function without the other. They are critical to your medical practice, so much so that you probably purchase them in bulk as well.

Helping Patients with Multiple Payment Options

You would never care for your patients without the proper gloves, bandages, or syringes. And you can care for them even more when you process check payments with the proper payment service.

You receive two types of checks: insurance checks and patient checks. Insurance checks pose no risk so check guarantee isn’t needed, only conversion. Patient checks can be more risky.

But you can control that risk the same way you try to control your costs. We call the solution to processing medical check payments MED-RDC. You will call it a risk mitigating, sales increasing, time and money saving, customer satisfying tool because:

  • Check Guarantee guarantees your patient’s checks with payment to you by us
  • Multiple Check provides patients the option of writing 2-4 checks to be deposited over a 30 day period, which is especially helpful for patients in need of a costly emergency procedure who without funds on hand may elect not to have the procedure
  • Remote Deposit Capture allows you to deposit checks from the convenience of your office, no more trips to the bank saves time and money

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