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Auto Dealers: Remote Deposit Capture Helps

Posted by Brandon Weaver on Fri, Apr 11, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

auto salesBruce Wayne did not buy the Batmobile with a credit card. Almost no one can buy a vehicle with a credit card, in fact, unless their limit is sky-high or they don’t need to worry about exorbitant interest rates.

Batman succeeds by getting the bad guy, but your success is measured by hitting monthly quotas. You do it by moving inventory off the lot, increasing vehicle turnover in parts and service, and maximizing profits and minimizing risk. You do it for your business and for yourself – especially if you have a family and kids who will need you to pay their college tuition.

Sometimes it seems like your job is all about the sales, finance, and service department managers reporting to you. You’re constantly faced with a plethora of challenges while what you really need to do is appeal to many target markets. This is no easy task if your sales staff has to fight the stigma that car salespersons are too pushy. If you want to stop that stereotype in its tracks, check out this guide and learn nine popular scripts to deflate that unfair judgment.

Besides helping your sales staff - more on that in a moment - your job is also about reporting to an owner, regional or district manager who always asks, “What are you doing to increase sales?”

Quite possibly the most important demographic coming into the market is the millennials (18-34 years old) because they’re:

  • Fresh out of school and looking to trade in a vehicle
  • Interested in impressing their friends with the newest technology like Bluetooth, touch-button starts, and sunroofs
  • Likely to need help financing a big ticket purchase

Remote Deposit Capture Auto DealersYour dealership can offer cash back deals, low financing, and incentives to get people to test drive your stock. But what about offering different payment options? This can help your sales staff in the negotiating stage and give them the tools they need to close the deal.

One solution is CrossCheck’s automotive remote deposit capture, known as C.A.R.S. It’s a win-win for auto dealers and vehicle buyers, and it can help you hit your quotas easier than ever. It applies to the down payment process as well as parts and service. Use it to help with a down payment, to help consumers make costly emergency repairs with the future deposit premium and to encourage repeat visits to your parts and service departments for those costly, emergency repairs. It includes:

  • Check guarantee
  • Payment flexibility through future deposits
  • Remote deposit capture allowing you to deposit checks without leaving your office
  • Happy customers who will promote your business through word-of-mouth

Previous articles show you how auto dealer general managers can earn five star ratings. Now we’ll do you two better by showing you how you can reduce customer payment risk, save money and hit your monthly quotas at the same time. Check out this 3 minute video to learn just how easy it is to use C.A.R.S. remote deposit capture at your dealership:

And there’s nothing like a case study to prove the point:

Batman had Robin. C.A.R.S. has check guarantee. It’s the envy of all other payment services. See why and get more insider secrets in this guide. You’ll feel like you’re test-driving the Batmobile. And next time your manager won’t ask you, “What are you doing to increase sales?” – he’ll ask, “How did you beat that target by so much?” It will be your Bruce Wayne moment.

auto dealer remote deposit capture

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