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Checks and Remote Deposit Capture: 2 Green Payment Methods

Posted by Heather Brautman on Thu, Mar 20, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

History of Checks InfographicChecks have been a preferred method of payment for so long that it’s no secret that they’re one of the quickest ways to get or give some greenbacks. But what you may not have considered is just how “green” checks are, in eco-friendly ways. In honor of International Earth Day, we offer a few tips on just how easy it is to be green with checks.

Beat the Paper Trail

Sure, many people still take advantage of those paper checks (and why wouldn’t you, when they can feature your favorite sports team’s logo, animals, and cartoon characters!). But checks also give you the opportunity to veer off that paper trail. Almost every major bank now gives account holders access to their accounts online. You no longer have to get a paper printout of your balance from an ATM or wait for paper statements to come in the mail. In fact, some institutions encourage you to go paperless, and receive an electronic statement instead. The biggest benefit of paper checks may be the fact that you can access your account at any time, see what’s been deposited, and monitor all activity.

Fast, Not Furious

The benefits of accepting checks really pile up, but many merchants worry over the potential of this payment method’s pitfalls. Checks as a payment method should make you happy, not harried. If that’s not the case, your payment provider isn’t doing its job. A green perk of checks is just how fast they are to process. You save gas, wear and tear on your car, and emissions idling. Mother Nature will love you! And you’ll love the ease of checks, which get processed right from your desktop through remote deposit capture. A quick scan and you’re done! When you’re ready, you can monitor your account through a protected portal.

Super Shreds

Are you one of the people who swear you can find a double (or even triple) use for anything? It’s never just a cup or a plastic bag to you. Well, meet checks – your new super shreds! You know you should probably be shredding financial documentation after a certain point (7 years for tax-related data), but whether you choose to stick to the timetable or not, once you’re ready to shred, put those little wiggly fronds to good use! Don’t just tear up a check (which can leave the MICR or your signature open to potential counterfeiting). Put it through your shredder and eventually, you’ll have enough to use as fragile item padding or as confetti for your next Earth Day celebration. 

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