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Medical Practices Save Time and Money with Remote Deposit Capture

Posted by Heather Brautman on Tue, Feb 25, 2014 @ 10:50 AM

Medical Remote Deposit CaptureClogged arteries, unbelievable work strain, preservative-filled diets, family stress. The people who come through your medical practice’s doors are up against a war field of attackers soldiering up to wreak havoc on their hearts. While some may feel that having to pay for all the poking, prodding, and testing is a major pain point, others have a financial heart attack when they get their bills. In honor of the 50th anniversary of American Heart Month, we provide some insight into ways that you can help patients’ hearts stay on the beating path.

Pay Their Way

No, we’re not saying you should go “Doctors Without Borders” and become a “Doctor Without Revenue.” We’re saying that it may help patients’ stress levels to know that they can pay their preferred way for your services. And many of these patients want to use checks. If you’ve avoided checks due to their lengthy deposit investment time and administrative hassle, let us warm your heart with remote deposit capture. This desktop-facilitated service processes checks almost as fast as a skipped heartbeat, keeping your practice’s life blood pumping where it needs to be – focusing on patients.

Paying Pain-Free

Check Approval MachineIt can feel like a real Novocain-free shot-to-the-arm to try and process checks on your own, but you should be offering payment options patients request. Help both sides of the equation feel heart-healthy by implementing a check guarantee service. Patients get to pay with checks, but you’re free from the heart-pounding worries of whether those check approvals are going to help your revenue stream, or clog it up. With check guarantee, any “irregular heartbeats” are immediately addressed by your check processing company, and you’re assured quick, proper payment.

Avoiding Heartbreak

Ever feel that heart-pounding nervousness when a beloved patient considers skipping surgery or another vital procedure, due to worry over the cost? Medical bills are an unfortunate fact of life, and even with insurance, they can run prohibitively high. A program like MED-RDC comes in heart handy here, because you’re able to help patients spread out payments and avoid the hit of a major lump sum deduction from their accounts. Through MED-RDC, patients can pay for a large bill with up to four checks, deposited over a 30 day period. You get the love too, because those payments are guaranteed income for you.

Stop, In the Name of Love

Even patients you’ve come to love over time may experience financial issues or encounter something to dispute with your practice. Without a program like Stop Payment in place, you could be out the entire amount of their payments, as well as in for a long, heart-breaking battle. Chances are, you don’t want to lose that revenue or your staff’s time. Include Stop Payment in your MED-RDC program and you’ll be able to focus on the heart of the matter – practicing medicine.

Share the Love

According to the American Heart Association, approximately every 34 seconds, one American has a coronary event, and approximately every 1 minute 23 seconds, an American will pass of one. It’s these unpleasant statistics that keep your practice in business. Yet there’s a small step you can take to provide a big-hearted help to those who are in their most desperate hour of need. Start by downloading our MED-RDC guide:

medical remote deposit capture

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