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Veterinarians: It's Love Your Pet Day!

Posted by Heather Brautman on Thu, Feb 20, 2014 @ 11:00 AM

Veterinarians Bounced ChecksSwarovski crystal collars. Caviar-infused kibble. Specialized safety seat belts to ensure precious cargo lives to its fullest for all nine lives. Pet people know the drill – whatever it takes to keep a favorite feathered, furry, fuzzy friend alive and happy. We’ll go to the ends of the earth for our pets, and we know you will too, so we invite you to help us celebrate National Love Your Pet Day today.

The Deets on Eats

Used to be that a person eating a can of dog food was a joke or a stigma of one’s lack of social status. These days, many pets eat as well as or better than their owners, thanks to super high standards and companies committed to pet health. Of course, there are varying degrees of cuisine, just as you may pull through a drive through one night and enjoy a five course, five star dinner the next. But one thing that’s taking off is the prevalence of cooking for your pets. Some pet owners do it because the vegan, gluten-free, or vegetarian lifestyle echoes their own. Others want to ease pet health issues. And some just get creative, with homemade treat recipes beating out those in a prepackaged bag.

Looking Good

MultipleChecksDry blowout bars for people may be taking over the typical salons, but some pet lovers believe in the old adage that if you love some(thing) long enough, you start to look like your pet. Some show their love by accessorizing – matching bows, collar/necklace charms, and making wearable artwork and clothing featuring a pet’s visage. Then there are the beauty treatments. If you love a day at the spa, why shouldn’t your pup? Pet-safe nail polishes are turning pet-icures into the hottest way to spend some happy time together.

Art for the Heart

Despite the little berets not usually staying on their heads for very long, animals have been making news for being artistic for years. Celebrate how much you love your pet by creating a keepsake together. Mix up some animal-safe paints, roll a large paper down your floor, dip your pet’s feet, and let him literally walk all over your heart. You can also capture a paw print in animal-safe cement, putting a new spin on stepping stones. Think your snake or beta aren’t artsy? Grab your camera and create a scrapbook of your best friend with one picture per half hour for the entire day and you’ll have a view into how he spends his day.

Vets and Pets are Sure Bets

One of the most important people who love their pets can do any day of the year is to ensure they get the proper care. Just as people go to general practitioners and specialists, seeing the veterinarian should be a regular occurrence, but pet medical bills can give people pause. Don’t let a big bill get in the way of a long relationship with a pet patient. Make sure you’re offering all possible payment options, including the one that gets four paws up – multiple check. With a program such as VET-RDC, pet owners can pay with up to four checks over a 30-day period, and you’re guaranteed payment. Go hug your pet, then dip a paw into our free guide to remote deposit capture, just for vets, right here:

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