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Auto Repair Customers Zip Through Checkout Like a NASCAR Pit Stop

Posted by Brandon Weaver on Thu, Jun 27, 2013 @ 10:07 AM

auto repair multiple checkConsumers with car troubles are in an uncomfortable situation. Repairs are inconvenient and often expensive. Why not take action in making their visit to your shop as seamless and painless as possible?

Having worked the past four seasons at Sonoma Raceway, I see similarities between professional racing and auto repair businesses. As the owner or manager, you serve as the crew chief for your team. You delegate responsibilities looking for ways to get an advantage over your competitors and making on the spot decisions about what parts your customers need to get their vehicle back to its optimal condition.

NASCAR pit crews also have delegated positions. One person is in charge of gas, one has the tire jack, two guys use the air gun to remove and put on lug nuts and the other two put on fresh tires. Your team probably has assigned roles too: an estimates guy, a paint guy, a windshield guy, a brakes guy and the computer technician wizard guy. Plus, just like pit crews hate to see other drivers overtake them in the race standings after a slow pit stop, you hate to see your customers walk away to competitors.

Speed is the name of the game in racing. For NASCAR, fast pit stops are crucial to winning. "While 15 seconds is the outer reaches of what is considered an acceptable pit stop time, 13 seconds is on the fast side." These often include four new tires and completely refueling, as you can see here:

Speed is also crucial in auto repair because the sooner you can get the next customer in the shop, the better. People hate filling out paperwork because it takes time. There is one thing consumers loathe when purchasing a product or service: applying for credit where they have to get approved. Case in point: consumers who only have one car, living paycheck to paycheck and needing the car to get back and forth to work. They bring the vehicle into your shop because they need new tires, brakes, a rebuilt transmission, etc. The repairs will cost them well over $1,000. Herein lies a big problem, since they are living paycheck to paycheck, they have no excess income to spend. Even if they do have credit, they don't have that much as an open to buy on their credit card. Enter a check guarantee program such as Multiple Check.

multiple check guaranteeMultiple Check does not require paperwork and the customer is not forced to divulge any personal information. They simply write 2-4 checks and agree on a payment schedule with you. You then accept the checks with peace of mind knowing the payments are guaranteed by a check service provider. The entire process is done quickly and electronically - almost as fast as a NASCAR pit stop. It's a win-win because your funds are guaranteed, they didn't walk away to a competitor and the customer does not have to pay a high interest rate using credit. What's more, they are able to get the repair done!

Having a system in place to make the customer buying process as seamless as possible is important. Their overall experience will help sell your services. The positive word of mouth can expand your business without you paying a dime for it. And the ease and speed of checkout will go a long way in accomplishing this. We like to help make it easy! Auto dealers and parts department managers can now enjoy specific remote deposit capture benefits. Download this free guide to see how to:

  • Eliminate trips to the bank
  • Minimize the wait time for check deposits
  • Increase customer payment flexibility with Future Deposit

auto dealer remote deposit capture

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